After all God designed in us an amazing machine. Leaving it up to us to make the best use of it. Look I like you don’t want to waste money on anything, especially vitamins, mineral or supplements, if I don’t need them or they don’t help me.

However, over the last several decades, despite huge improvements in medical care and understanding what foods, and activities effect our health we continue our poor eating and activities habits. It often is not intentional, as for one our food is often unknown to us so deficient in key nutrients.

Nutrients like boron that we are left with no choice but to supplement. Then our recent changes in behavior like sunscreen and avoiding the sun deprive most of us of optimal much less enough vitamin D3.

Pollutants in our foods like antibiotics, hormones and pesticides as well as weed killers like glyphosate are all possible new challenges to our body functioning optimally. If it weren’t for these issues’ substances like vitamin D3 would not have the profound affects they do.

But we, our bodies are in such poor shape and so deficient. That is why adding them has such a profound affect. I truly believe that when the body is balanced, we crave and eat the best foods of us. Though, we are slowly becoming sicker, but it is not true that we are unaware.

As even frogs are not stupid enough to be slowly boiled to death. However, the analogy is a great one. As we like the alleged frog are being affected so gradually that most of us initially are unaware of what is happening.

Even if and we do, we may want to act but either we don’t know what to do or for many by the time they do it is too late. Often those slow to realize they are ill it is difficult to recover. But you must try and if healthy make sure we don’t let yourselves become so. Take the Mediterranean diet.

It is not the diet but that they are out of doors more so higher vitamin D3 levels. The elevated vitamin D3 levels changes their appetite so they eat that healthy diet. Not they eat that diet and now are healthy.

Yes, it is a healthy diet but if it were that easy why aren’t you naturally eating a similar one? Or why can’t you once started on this diet continue with it? Because you don’t crave, and your appetite doesn’t encourage you to eat those types of food.

But with optimal doses of vitamin D3 I and those I have recommended it too have found their appetite and food cravings revert gradually to what is good for you. You no longer constantly crave fat and sugar loaded foods. Don’t get me wrong you still enjoy them when you occasionally eat them.

But it is now a small part versus previously where it was a large part of your diet. It is, yes, complex and not all will respond the same way. Some people have defective vitamin D receptors so all the vitamin D3 in the world will not help them.

But you have a choice either to try to change for the better or continue to be ill. I never intended to say it was simple or easy. It is not. Things though are changing. Your gut hormones and body have way more control of your brain than you may appreciate. The reason to feed it what makes you better.

We are going through a transition from where most depended purely on treating the symptoms. Treating them with a pharmaceutical based approach after the disease has already occurred to one that is preventative. By looking at many factors like diet.

If our food wasn’t so altered or bereft of nutrients that might be enough. However, because of this we must supplement the critical components that are missing and necessary to counter the harmful effects of added substances like I mentioned above. (continued in next blog post).


*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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