Dr. Judson Somerville is a seventh generation Texan currently residing in Laredo, Texas. After graduating with a chemical engineering degree from The University of Texas, he completed his doctorate at McGovern Medical School in 1988. He began his residency training at The University of Massachusetts Medical Center in general surgery, and after two years he switched to anesthesiology.

In 1994 he began a private practice of anesthesiology in Laredo, Texas, with an emphasis on pain management, and opened The Pain Management Clinic of Laredo in 1995.  He soon published in numerous publications and became an expert in that field, spending the next 23 years helping people cope with their chronic pain.

While in his anesthesiology residency training in 1990, he was involved in a severe bicycle accident that resulted in him becoming paraplegic and wheelchair bound. He was the first person to suffer such an injury and to complete the rigorous training of medical residency. He has encountered many challenges since then, and those trials have led him to having a unique capability, as both a patient and physician, to empathize with patients under his care, to understand their encounters on both a professional and personal level, and to be able to offer sound advice.

He has been an unwavering advocate for many issues including patients’ rights, stem cell research and the healing benefits of vitamin D3. These interests have led him to write his first book, Optimal Dose. This book is about the life-changing properties of the humble substance called vitamin D3 and its effects when used at optimal doses.

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