Vaccines,  vitamin D3 and Antiviral Medications as well as medications effective against viruses, the new paradigm and why our leaders are Not Doing Everything Possible.

If you decide to get the immunizations realize that they are ment to only reduce the sverety of the symptoms not prevent you getting infected. You can still pass on the virus. Asa these are new and untested injections and may or may not have issues. As new and untested we do not know, Personally I like a bit of testing elsewhere before I put something in my body. Just saying!  

Yes, I knew that they recommended a new “flu” vaccine every year but that is because the virus is constantly mutating. The issue here is they never made it clear and as I interpreted it, we were initially left with the impression these vaccines for Covid-19 were one and done. At least initially that was the narrative I was receiving. 

Since then the narrative has been constantly changing and they are making it more and more difficult to live a free live if you are not vaccinated. These are two addition reasons that I question these injections. As President Ronald Raegan once said the nine most dangerous words you will ever here are “I am here from the government to help you”. As I write this the situation is in flux. 

It is like fishing for Red fish they group together, and boats circle them and slowly catch them all. It seems what they are trying to do to us. I do hope I am totally wrong, but I have had level headed friend who knows I am not prone to exaggerate tell me that some of my Facebook posts are close to having me lumped together with the ivermectin/hydroxychloroquine nuts. 

 So get or do not receive a vaccine and its boosters. As I wrote earlier this virus is mutating possibly away from the immunizations. 1That is your second option after boosting your immune system as I explained above and I personally believe it is wise to do that regardless of you deciding on receiving the vaccine or not. 

That leaves a huge group of people. As whether or not you decide to rercieve the immunization the virus is mutating and as with that, weaning antibody count fin those vaccinated and that it was never meant to prevent you from becoming infected by the virus.

There is a high likelihood you will contract Covid-19. In my personal opinion with or without the immunization, however if you fully boost your immune system, such if infected I believe a optimized immune system from nutrients as described here will help reduce your symptoms regardless.

Will receiving the immunization and boosting your immune system give you better protection than just boosting your immune system with optimal levels of nutrients? That I do not know. To a degree it may depend on what co morbidities you have. How weakened your immune system was already.

That means what other disease you have like diabetes, obesity and such. How severe these comorbidities are. So good chance especially if suffering from comorbidities whether immunized or not you will eventually test positive for Covid-19 and/or become symptomatic (ie sick). 

That is where either taking a medication like ivermectin 2 for example or other ones prophylactically in addition to optimizing your immune system with vitamin D3 and other nutrients to reduce/prevent getting ill in the first place. This may be your safest bet. 

It may not as though side effects from properly taken chloroquine or ivermectin are rare they still happen. No risk free option. The other option is once you test positive to start taking one of the medications found to be effective against Covid-19. 

Versus waiting till you are so sick you end up in the emergency room or on a ventilator. No guarantee you will not become really ill and even die no matter what you do. In my book it is wise to do Everything You Can Do prent that. Is that not what the health experts and your doctors and nurses be doing.

 Of course this is not how things are being rolled out as they are Not Doing Everything They Can. You should find a doctor who will do so for you in my personal opinion. Why are they not promoting treatment of those ill with Covid-19. To be super safe especially those with comorbidities and older. 

Do this with available pharmaceuticals that have shown off label effectiveness against Covid-19.? That is those who come to the  emergency room. Or a better option is when they first come down with symptoms and/or test positive for Covid-19 send them home with one of the effective medications or combination of those found effective. 

What would you want to do be treat at home? Or be told by your doctor you have tested positive for Covid-19 I hope you do not get so sick? If you do become ill enough requiring admission to the emergency room good luck finding a hospital bed. They go on to say as with this positive Covid-19 test there is otherwise nothing I can do to help you.

Does that sound sane? Is this the best course to handling this pandemic. Is this how you want to be treated? As millions of people in the US are being treated this way. This certainly would reduce suffering and death as well as free up the emergency rooms . 

So essentially, we have and there are options we are just not hearing about them at least in the US.



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