Thus, with inadequate deep restorative sleep (DRS) some people were more susceptible to this protein build up than others. That gave me the idea that these diseases, proteinopathies, are perhaps different expressions of an combination of inadequate DRS, loss of or malfunctioning glymphatic drainage system (GDS) and how that affected the individuals genetic makeup.

That is which of these diseases the individual contracted depended on several factors. For example how genetically their brains/central nervous systems responded to inadequate DRS and/or compromised function of their GDS. How inadequate DRS effected their GDS. If their GDS was damaged limiting or preventing its function even with DRS.

For example, Muhamad Ali suffered from Parkinson’s disease. It fits nicely with this theory. I bet he didn’t sleep well. As he had many factors preventing him from acquiring much if any vitamin D3. He had dark skin, and his sport was indoors thus all things considered less production of vitamin D3, less sun exposure and thus even if he did receive sun exposure less vitamin D3 production.

Thus, his vitamin D3 levels were probably not anywhere near optimal. Though Parkinson’s disease is known to be related to a sport like boxing with severe head trauma, but genetics are also thought to be involved in who contracts it. 1 So sub optimal vitamin D3 blood levels, genetics and the head trauma all potentially contributing to him to developing it.

The head trauma he suffered also causing intracranial bleeding. That causing at least temporary blockage of the GDS at least while he was boxing. Perhaps permanently due to the damage his GDS suffered. Also, if later after his boxing career ended and if his exercise levels tapered off, he then, even if his GDS worked properly, had neither enough exercise nor optimal vitamin D3 levels for adequate DRS.

Even if he had adequate exercise and/or vitamin D3 to acquire prolonged DRS his boxing career may have so badly damaged his GDS that he was doomed. Because with the GDS damaged he could not drain out the Lewy particles associated with Parkinson’s disease. Those, other proteins as well as waste accumulating in his brain.

This damaged GDS may be how the “brain damage” is causing Parkinson’s disease in boxers’ cases. Slowly, he and others may have either suffered from damaged GDS and/or inability to acquire DRS due to lack of moderate exercise or optimal blood levels of vitamin D3, but probably both. These conditions over decades causing their brain function to deteriorate.

This accumulation of waste gets to the point that it starts to interfere with brain function causing these proteinopathies. Parkinson’s disease, one of these proteinopathies, has what are called Lewy bodies. These are abnormal aggregations of proteins, specific to this disease, that develop in Parkinson’s disease inside the nerve cells, apparently contributing to the disease.

So, I bet that those who have say Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or anyone of the proteinopathies, that for each disease those who suffer from it all share a similar gene(s). Gene(s) that determine how they deal with the lack of DRS.

These diseases a result of some combination of inadequate DRS, their GDS not operating adequately or their GDS non-functioning. That and their gene(s) causing the buildup of the specific protein(s) associated with that disease. I have written before about other benefits of DRS.

As I believe beyond brain health, our bodies healing process benefits from the body during DRS being in a state of essentially paralysis. Perhaps stem cells are better able to replicate the cells that they are trying to duplicate to fill in areas of damaged cells.

Or hormones work better when for example muscle cells are inactive. Regardless this new research on Alzheimer’s is starting to fill in the picture of how important what are considered simple and often what we take for granted, activities like sleep.  

  1. Kalia LV, Lang AE (August 2015). “Parkinson’s disease”. Lancet. 386 (9996): 896–912.

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