All perhaps farfetched but I argue probably part of the current issue with drugs. Though it seems easier for some to claim it is the fault of patients and doctors like they did with antibiotics. Remember how they for years claimed it was doctors giving unnecessary prescriptions to allegedly over concerned moms.

Then on top of that these same “dumb” moms were too stupid to give the whole prescription. As once the kid’s symptoms from the “flu” were gone, they stopped giving the antibiotics to them. This supposedly led to the development of “super bugs”, bacteria that were immune to all.

All but the strongest antibiotics. The fear was these super bugs would soon be immune to even them. That is until some of us pointed out how the indiscriminate use of antibiotics by some given to cattle and poultry were likely the true culprits.

In fact, since first used in the 1940’s by 2011 of the antibiotics sold in US 80% were used in food-producing animals. 1 If you want to know more, I have referenced an excellent article on this subject below. 2

Though in this article the author states it is very unlikely you will consume food products with antibiotics as tested for. Though I agree with almost everything she writes I can’t on this one point. As knowing no system is perfect. That antibiotics can wipe out the “good” bacteria in your gut such that it takes up to 2 years to regrow. I don’t trust that my food doesn’t contain them.

Funny how it is always the “dumb” consumers fault. Doesn’t surprise me that some are angry with my generation- baby boomers. The millennials are angry as we and those before us seem to have created an environment that put their bodies in a maladjusted state. Not only that but they think, that we have left them a crap place to live and try to survive.

Who am I to argue? Perhaps what we base our way of life on, what some call greed, isn’t necessarily bad? It gives people an impetus to find a way to improve their life. Socialism has shown that if given a chance many won’t do but the absolute minimum. So that doesn’t work.

But we are not talking about a little greed. As when the planet both the greater environment and that in our body as well as our society is trashed to serve a few I have a hard time arguing that they are not justified in their anger. As one of my favorite saying is pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.

There are a lot of hogs out there. Then we have a bureaucracy that in many ways reflects are darkest nature is constantly searching for the next scapegoat to divert attention from the real problems. Setting up scapegoats that blames a few for the actions of the elite on most of us.

Thus, we can feel good or at least justified that something has been done about the issue. So that we don’t have to take any responsibility or justify why we were complacent when we saw these issues developing but did not act.

Take cigarettes. We, it is our government after all, essentially blackmailed the cigarette companies to pay fines. They, if so, bad why weren’t put out of business? Now that they paid, they are free and clear to operate as usual. Selling what we knew was a problem for decades.

Oh, yea they made the cigarette hard to kick but no one forced you to start, continue to use them and it isn’t like you didn’t know they were bad for you. No, I didn’t expect anyone to come to cigarette companies aid but perhaps they are less culpable then we are.

Why weren’t the smokers made to pay most of the cost? You may say well they are paying through increased taxes on cigarettes? No not really if one death is a crime punishable by life in prison. But I guess if you have enough friends you pay, you’re ok. Besides those new cigarette taxes are used for what? Or as I referred to the antibiotic issue.

They were all ready to crucify the patients and doctors who were supposedly at fault for creating super bugs but once it became clear the true cause was our food source, silence. I get it, it is more important to have inexpensive food now, no matter how poisoned, as long as it doesn’t poison anyone too quickly.

Same with the new pesticides. As we have slowly and steadily built up super insects that no regular pesticide will harm. Now we must create insecticides that are so harmful and powerful to kill the ones effecting our crops but are not only killing them but all the bugs.

Killing perhaps other species up the food chain. It already seems to be working as the overall insect population is declining, bees’, monarch’s butterflies and so on. Soon not only will we destroy all the life on land, but the over fished seas eliminate all the sea life leaving for example the whales and us nothing to eat.

Climate change perhaps but that seems to be another distraction from a more important issue as our corrupted and in a way polluted environment is on the verge of a crisis. Like the recent fungal infection Candida Auris which is resistant in many cases to multiple antifungals.

This I am concerned and more importantly to our food security. As these super bugs and fungi are soon going to be a huge issue. Only one bad season, or bugs or other pests like fungi we can no longer control, and it won’t only be third world countries but all countries.

Now if we participate in a few years of moderation, allow safe areas for sea animals to regenerate, plant varied crops-not single genotype ones in huge numbers and back off from over use of antibiotics, insecticides and antifungals. If we do, we may be alright but soon it will take decades, if ever and lots of prayers.

I am not against progress, science or trying to spread fear but when some make claims based on science to further a corrupt agenda that is not science but dogma. Dogma to use their products like harsh chemicals that only push nature to further adapt away from “normal”.

So, we must act and seek the truth not convivence. The reason I originally pursued vitamin D3 was to restore my health. I quickly realized how important and powerful was vitamin D3. Soon I realize how sick we all our, how things we took for granted and paid little attention to were so important. This has prompted me to speak out to encourage others to act before it is too late.

  1. FDA 2013 (April 2015). Summary Report Antimicrobials sold or distributed for use in food-producing animals.
  2. Brown MJ. (June 17, 2017). Antibiotics in your food: Should you be concerned? Healthline.

*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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