As I see the public knowledge about vitamin D3 increase I see an interesting change in the focus. From the claim that vitamin D at high doses causes hypercalcemia to that at dose much lower but still higher than the government recommends (essentially 600IU/day for most adults) is dangerous.

Dangerous because that without vitamin K2 and minerals that these higher doses cause calcium to be absorbed but not properly used in the body. Thus dangerous. True there are still so much to learn. For example, many still don’t know that there are different forms, that the D3 form is better than the D2 form or that vitamin D is a hormone not a true vitamin.

I have also tried to explain how I believe there are two essentially independent vitamin D3 “systems” in the body-the hormonal and the MH systems, using the term systems as lacking a better way to describe their effects.

As I believe it is important to understand both and how I see that vitamin D3 doesn’t only act or is used on the areas/cells that control calcium but on how at higher concentrations it activates the MH effects that are occurring in almost every cell in the body.

Thus, using a tremendous amount of the vitamin D3 such that it isn’t just sitting around to cause havoc on our calcium metabolism. Since once used in a chemical process whether to raise calcium of assure deep restorative sleep it must be replaced. That is, it is no longer functional. In the past I don’t seem to have made this all clear. Let me try again. Also, hopefully clear up the whole calcium issue.

So back to this change in focus as it is as good a place to start as any. Some of those who are more outspoken about vitamin D3 especially those who appear to be opposed to higher doses due to issues with calcium. This may be influenced by the recent large meta-studies that appear, until you look closer, to show higher doses are useless if not outright dangerous to your health.

I addressed thopse large meta studies in multiple previous blog postings so I will not explain further. Recently I received a posting on my book Facebook page that criticized my mention of optimal doses. It appears they had not read my book nor my blog. Otherwise I doubt that they would have written what they did. It is impossible to know the mood of the writer, but I took it as accusatory.

Basically, they wrote “you (implying me) know that with (high doses) vitamin D that calcium is absorbed into the body and just sits there”. Further writing “That you have to have vitamin K2 for the calcium to be managed”.  First, I will try to address their postings in a positive and friendly way. As my impression of their mood and intent is my issue not theirs.

After all, the point, regardless of my ego or theirs as far as I am concerned is to find the truth. To make your and my health optimal.  Perhaps they did read what I wrote but I was not clear. As an aside, if you want to find links to more information then contained in my book or my blog consider searching There Henry Lahore has dedicated ten years to compile the latest information on vitamin d.  Back to my discussion on calcium.

Calcium is the big scary monster. At first, the scare with using higher doses, what I call optimal doses and blood levels of vitamin D3 was hypercalcemia-high levels of calcium in the blood. Which can be measured. Now as that didn’t scare away people it is now how at higher blood levels there is some insidious calcium accumulation-which can’t be measured.

Think hardening of the arteries-atherosclerosis. It is calcium that causes the hardening.  This disease can cause peripheral vascular disease were your extremities can not receive adequate blood potentially leading to gangrene of toes, fingers and “other extremities”. Scary right

*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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