As the current “modern” medical approach has reach it point of diminished returns. Like I wrote about before when a major pharmaceutical company started marketing a long acting form of an antidepressant. One that wasn’t needed. 

As it takes up to a month for, the medication to improve mood. Thus, if slowly or quickly absorbed was irrelevant. In my opinion there was no need and it was only developed and sold  to try to extend the products exclusivity. 

Like in late 1970’s when the big US car makers made cars that had planned obsolescence. Treating us the consumer with total disrespect but with medicine we are discussing so much more personal. They are talking about our and our family’s health. 

So, when they push on us something that does not really offer any improvement to us. Thus, that company like many other major pharmaceutical companies found their drug pipelines of blockbuster drugs were dry.

Yes, they could still research and develop new medications that would and are needed for obscure diseases.

However, those don’t generate the profits that make people buy their stock nor generate huge bonuses for the CEO. So, profit trumped our best interests and their corporate responsibility.

I get it we all need a job and to earn a living. But please give us something we need. As by not doing, of these companies will go the way of the typewriter, to oblivion.  

Because they have run out of ideas for major advances that they can patent. Most of these companies, I bet if they could find a way to patent vitamin D3 they could by marketing it makes it into a blockbuster. All they would have to do is tell the truth.

The truth about how well it works and who wouldn’t start using optimal doses to achieve optimal blood levels. As they have the money to get the message out there. Since they cannot control it and it may reduce the incidence of many of the diseases.

Diseases they count on to sell billions in pharmaceuticals to treat.  So, perhaps, they are trying to discredit vitamin D3. Ill inflamed people buy hundreds of billions of dollars of prescription pharmaceuticals.

Ok what about vitamin K2. Were we not discussing that? As this hysteria about vitamin D3 and particularly its effect on calcium has reached a crescendo it has driven people to vitamin K2. Which in some ways is good as I think there are some benefits? 

Perhaps and unfortunately like with calcium hysteria this mob mentality (due to information overload) is something for now that we must live with.

The problem beyond that is in trying to help the average person. 

See, the more you ask of them the less likely they all will comply. That is part of the current issue. We have backed ourselves so far into the corner concerning our health that recovering for many will not be easy. As first we must come to an agreement as to what is missing. 

The problem as I see it is those who benefit from current confusion also have the most money and influence so they will do everything they can to discredit those who speak up and prevent clarity. 

We are missing so many critical substances. 

*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!

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John Stoian · July 13, 2019 at 5:04 am

Dr. Somerville,
Thank you for writing “The Optimal Dose”!
No, I am NOT a doctor (I am a mechanical engineer by education and trade) but being a Christian I was intrigued about divine healing. As a result for almost 40 years I have turned every stone to find answers on health for my family. On Vitamin D it started in the early 80-ies with the book “Sunlight” by Zane R Kime MD. MS. What a blessing for that time! In the last 10 years however the information amount available on this important nutrient (i.e. hormone ) has been phenomenal. Your contribution on it is phenomenal as well. Just, before I purchased your book I ran into a lengthy article in German language of a doctor from Germany and his experiments and observations in 2016. I have not gotten the time to translate it all yet, but from what i did, I saw quite similar results to yours. I consider a divine coincidence that I read this article and your book almost at the same time.
Isaiah 54:17 ( This verse was on my heart to give it to you)

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