With osteoclasts (breakdown bone) and osteoblasts (build up bone) skeletal bone is constantly remodeled. However, this bone breaks down and build up called remodeling can become out of balance. One of our hormones, calcitonin helps restore this balance. 

It does this by stimulating osteoblasts to reincorporate calcium into skeletal bone. 1 I digress as always but this goes to my point that higher vitamin D3 doses and blood levels up to a point are way more beneficial. That a dose of vitamin D3 in the optimal range as best I can tell has no effect on increasing the “flow” of calcium above what is needed and normal. 

As in aan older rarely mentioned study they used 150,000 IUS/week of vitamin D3 for 2-6 years in 11 patients. 2 Yes, small but they noted zero side effects with that dose of vitamin D3. Zero adverse calcium issues.

In fact, the incidence of fracture reduction, bone pain reduction and increased trabecular bone density (which requires a bone biopsy) at these doses had a statistically significant positive effect. Trabecular bone mass measures the density inside the bone. 

See when we measure bone density, we are only measuring cortical bone. Measuring the density of the surface bones, not what is inside the bone. Of note bone density which we measure by photon densitometry is the test we commonly used now to determine bone health. 

In this study the bone density by photon densitometry did not change. However, the trabecular bone density was 43% increased. So, this study shows at vitamin D3 doses almost identical to optimal doses that vitamin D3 (yesyes, they did this with added calcitonin) makes bones stronger. 

Yes, the added calcitonin may have been critical again more study is needed but if those doses of vitamin D3 are so dangerous why did they use them and why were the end results so positive? We can debate for hours but I promised not to waste your time. Food for thought.

What they found like I also did, with my patients, was a much lower incidence of vertebral fractures.  Thus, no better real life test to show optimal doses improves bone health. Though a bit of a stretch but I will write it. If bone health is better, then chances are the whole bodies health is better. 

Including atherosclerosis. No, they didn’t write that, but it deserves consideration. If, and I say if, your body is healthy your body handles calcium very well. The problem is most of are not healthy. Our guts are unhealthy causing our whole system to be ill including our serotonin levels to be out of balance. 

Our vitamin K2 production suffers and on and on. We have a well balanced but complicated system for managing calcium in our bodies. It works great when we are healthy. The problem, we are not healthy. 

The point is if we don’t make changes to improve our health, there is a high chance of developing calcium issues.

Because both Osteoporosis and atherosclerosis. Both involve calcium. Please scream at this point in sheer terror (I only wish I could put scary music in the back groundbackground). To acquire these calcium issues, you do not need optimal doses, high doses or whatever doses of vitamin D3 that is above the government RDA. 

In fact, if that is your goal, to develop these diseases then taking as little vitamin D3 as you can, and sunlight will assure you have these calcium related diseases.  I apologize for the tirade, but the ignorance and frank hysteria is frustrating. 

The problem is this hysteria is so often perpetuated by medical professionals that should know better. It seems to be almost a point of pride on the part of some medical doctors. Not that I know everything, I don’t, but I would place a bet on the fact most medical doctors don’t. 

Don’t understand that higher blood levels of vitamin D3, levels that more and more we are coming to realizing we need to be healthy, these higher blood levels of vitamin D3 don’t result in either atherosclerosis or osteoporosis. 

Back to my personal issue with atherosclerosis taking lots of Tums and extremely high doses of vitamin D3. The great thing about that experiment on me is I believe I have found a way to reverse atherosclerosis. At least it worked for

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*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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