Based on my blood levels of SED and CRP I had initially prior to taking optimal doses of vitamin D3 I was severe inflammation. The vitamin D3 at optimal doses has restored my health but even that cannot overnight remake my body.

Especially when you start at age 50. That after 21 years of suffering from a severe spinal cord injury, the later seven years of that being severely ill from a spider bite causing necrotizing fasciitis and then having to constantly experimenting on your body.

As current Western medicine was not near enough to restore my health. When you start with all the damage the years had done to my body from my spinal cord injury. Despite my experiments and continued aging I overall feel healthier both physically and mentally then when I started 9 years ago.

Yes, despite the recent peripheral vascular issue. If I had not experienced it, I would not see how to, apparently, reverse it. Also, before starting vitamin D3 I am sure I was headed to metabolic syndrome. As I was severely inflamed.

Such that I and those who are chronically ill like me are damaging the inside of the arteries. In such cases if something isn’t done, our condition will progress into atherosclerosis and metabolic disease. For one resulting in calcium depositing on the artery walls.

If I hadn’t raised my vitamin D3 blood level to close to levels where the blood form of vitamin D3-calcifediol overwhelms the bodies protective process. If I hadn’t taken several grams of additional calcium a day. If I hadn’t had chronic inflammation. It would not have happened.

The atherosclerosis and peripheral vascular disease I had. Back then I hadn’t figured it all out. In a way it is good I didn’t. As once I reverted to optimal blood levels and doses of vitamin D3 as well as adding vitamin K2 the MK-7 type at 400-600 mcg/day my peripheral vascular disease resolve. Really amazing.

How could I tell? My toes were no longer blue. Since atherosclerosis doesn’t run in either side of my parent’s family, I had assumed I was immune.  As at the time I didn’t understand what really caused it. What I learned is I am not immune to atherosclerosis.

Additionally, I learned that no matter how good your genetics are if you stress your body hard enough you can overcome good genetics and can damage your body. See calcium doesn’t start depositing on the artery wall for no reason. That seems to be difficult to get across.

I guess the vitamin D3 haters have hit on an effective scare tactic. See, if you don’t have chronic damage to your artery walls you don’t build up plaque made up of cholesterol and calcium. Damage from for example chronic inflammation often with high blood pressure.

If you do have these, regardless your blood calcium levels, you can and probably will develop arterial plaque. Yes, if you ingest lots of calcium either in calcium rich foods or directly in antacids or supplements it may speed this process. See no one knows for sure why atherosclerosis happens. 1

I have a theory as explained above. Such that vitamin D3 on the other hand may not speed up this up by taking extremely high doses. Even doses of more than 60,000 IUs/day. Doses way beyond what I consider the optimal dose.

Though ingesting or absorbing more significant amounts of calcium while your arterial wall is damaged from chronic inflammation does appear to speed up atherosclerosis. As from my experience it did in me. As calcium is also absorbed passively. So, the more you take the more you absorb.

This regardless of the blood levels of vitamin D3. At least as far as we know. Though at blood levels double what I list as optimal it may. As we always have passive absorption which is not affected by vitamin D3 levels.

As the higher the concentration of calcium in your intestines the more calcium you absorb. Thus, more calcium will flow into your blood. The only way to prevent this is to take less calcium. Yes, it is excreted through the kidneys, but it still must pass through the body.

For that reason, until more research is done I for one do not recommend taking any calcium supplements and probably wise in general to avoid calcium rich foods like dairy. As with optimal levels of vitamin D3 if you need more calcium your body will make the necessary changes.

By increasing the active form of vitamin D3. Which for one will increase the active absorption of calcium from the intestines and reduce the excretion through the kidneys. If our bodies require a significant amount of calcium quickly, like with strenuous exercise, then the breakdown of skeletal bone will start.


  1. “What are the signs and symptoms of atherosclerosis?” NHLBI, NIH, 22 June 2016.

*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!

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