In my experimentation with supplements it doesn’t always work out well as I have previously documented here. I want to share with you the positive and the negative. The reason is because often as much if not more can be learned from negative results.

Often in research especially commercial research the negative results are not shared. We all lose when this happens. So, let me get to the point. In taking vitamin K2 I have learned a great deal. First our body when at optimal blood levels of vitamin D3 I believe selects for gut microbiota that convert vitamin K1 into vitamin K2.

It does this by modulating the immune system. Also, by affecting the appetite to increase intake of foods containing key nutrients like vitamin K2. As most take in a lot of vitamin K1 compared to our needs that leave enough left over to produce adequate vitamin K2.

Now the issue may be and the reason I so often write more study is needed is at optimal blood levels of vitamin D3 our body requires more of key substances. Substances like vitamin K2 which has taken me a while to appreciate.

Another issue is the confusion created by what the government list as RDA required daily allowance- the amounts their experts believe is required for us to be healthy and our bodies to run properly. These amounts are for many substances is too little when at optimal blood levels of vitamin D3.

I know from experience that it is too low for example with magnesium. I come to appreciate and believe it is probably too low for vitamin K2. With vitamin K2 I do not think it is so low as to be detrimental as again vitamin D3 changes one’s appetite, thus we often crave foods we need to assure we have enough or producing it in the gut.

Thus, besides producing more vitamin K2 in our gut with optimal blood levels of vitamin D3 eating more foods that contain it. Fermented foods. Like Japanese Natto or Sauerkraut. Thus, either thru producing more or ingesting more.

I believe this is true as I and the thousands of others I have recommended optimal dosing and obtaining optimal blood levels of vitamin D3 to did much, much better overall than they did without it. Yes, I had them maximize their magnesium intake which I believe is second only to vitamin D3 in importance.

Magnesium like vitamin D3 involved in so many enzymatic processes and something that I believe is severely deficient in our foods and I will soon expand upon in up coming blog posts and hopefully part of my next book.

Ok, so if your achieving optimal blood levels of vitamin D3, which in my book I explain how are safe, and taking enough magnesium your physical and mental health should be functioning much better than it did before.

Now if you have genetic issues where your vitamin D receptor is abnormal or can’t absorb vitamin D3 then not much you can do to correct the genetic error. As far as absorption there is always sun light, tanning lights or injectable vitamin D3.

Back to vitamin K2. In all the years I recommended optimal vitamin D3 and magnesium, vitamin K2 wasn’t an issue. Now with more research and experience I believe additional vitamin K2 can make a huge difference in many.

Certainly, if a person ingests, produces or a combination of both of vitamin K2 then addition isn’t necessary. In the rest of us I believe extra is the missing element. I certainly believe it will and would resolve the osteoporosis in the 50%.

The 50% with osteoporosis who did not respond to optimal doses of vitamin D3 and magnesium alone. I am curious it if will affect those with sleep apnea who don’t respond to optimal dosing though in many, I believe with weight loss many of those would.

*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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