I believe the thinking is by the innovators and early adaptors is the more proven the safer it is the more the boundaries can be pushed. Like driving in a car now versus 50 years ago. That is not that long ago. Back then your safety was a lap belt if anyone bothered to wear it and the car was essentially thin sheet metal. Now we have all sorts of electronic safety measures, government regulations that require safer handling and better built ones that all combine to substantially reduce the passenger’s risk of injury or death. This complacency is my fear.
My fear that once, yes, a long, long way to go and will take more than vitamin D3 at optimal dose and blood levels but that is the backbone as I see it. That vitamin D3 really is that much of a game changer, so it will win out, despite those who are trying to slow or block its acceptance. The truth wins. Once though it is widely implemented, and common practice things will go through a cycle.
At first people will amazed as gradually they revert to the health of their healthiest ancestors. Like sleeping well, maintain ideal body weight and better immune systems among many positive effects they surely took for granted but we now lack. No life back then wasn’t perfect, but many aspects were much better than now. This was before our food was modified among many alterations such as animals treated (overtreated?) with antibiotics, depleted soil and farm raised seafood (lower vitamin D3 levels and who knows what else).
Yes, we had other health issues back then a hundred years ago but many of them like trauma, the leading cause of death at the time, have been significantly reduced. You may point out influenza especially the Spanish flu was huge issue back then. Well influenza death rate increased the lower the cities average yearly UV-b exposure. UV-b is the sun light that produces vitamin D3.
It is never easy to explain all the connections and reason it is so easy to confuse others when you want to discreated something like vitamin D3. Those who were receiving more sunlight exposure were probably also those doing physical work outside. So higher vitamin D3 blood levels and doing essentially physical exercise a proven way to improve one’s health. Better overall health lower risk of contracting most if not all diseases.
Then people, once it has been for an extended period easy to maintain their ideal body weight, they rarely become ill with upper respiratory tract infections like the flu and they easily obtain deep restorative sleep, will start taking it for granted. I also believe cancer rates and other illness rates will drop, fertility will improve and the overall rate of mental health issues like depression will decrease.
Not solely from vitamin D3 but by its overall affect on our body it will be the catalyst and with out it most of these positive effects will not occur. This is reason, much more study and at a dose that is effective, I argue optimal dosing, is required.

*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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