Vaccines,  vitamin D3 and Antiviral Medications as well as medications effective against viruses, the new paradigm and why our leaders are Not Doing Everything Possible.

Thus a vaccine by eliciting  an immune response that is adequate to prevent a later full blown infection. This is from a small initial injection of alive but weakened viruses or dead ones. Not strong enough to elicit a serious infection in most. You would not want to give these to immune compromised people.

Two of these injections developed to protect us from Covid-19 contain rna that enters our cells and instructs them to produce the spike protein of Covid-19.These are one of Covid-19’s antigens (parts of Covid-19 virus that the body can use to elicit an adaptive immune response). 

That the body’s adaptive immune system uses, the antigen,  to identify alien organisms and for which it then makes specific antibodies for that antigen so our immune system can recognize the alien organism, attack them, and protect ourselves.

So early on the experts knew the immunity length following Covi-19 infections would not be lifelong, possibly at the best in the range of other coronaviruses that cause respiratory trat infections. Two to three years at most. However since these inoculation’s had not been carried out on such a huge population they did not know. 

That is at least the Pfizer and Modern inoculations. They are the most widely prescribed ones for Covid-19. I can access the full VARES data base. However I cannot link you to the data. It shows if I understand it correctly there have been over a million plus adverse events reported following being inoculated. 

Who knows how many more occurred but the connection to the inoculation was not made? Events like miscarriages, strokes, and death. To find out how many people have been injured by these injections please do go to the site. 2 Instructions on how to access data are below.

That it is difficult to access is another reason I have concerns. Perhaps there are not any but when the government keeps data so hard to find and access from me in my experience that is not a good sign.  I am not a virologist, so I am not going to try to explain These vaccines further. 

So the points I believe are important are. Our governments should have been approaching this from do everything they can. instead they rushed and pushed experimental inoculations. They not only ignored effective medications but ridiculed and attacked them. 

They did nothing to encourage people to boost their immune systems with supplements like vitamin D3.When people tested positive for Covid-19 instead of developing or advocating an effective treatment plan there’re advice was to go home and only show up in emergency room if you become very ill. 

It was apparent early that nutrients like zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D3 were deficient in the most critically ill. Yet no effort was made to promote a public health campaign to have people protect themselves. This certainly is not Do everything you can. 

So what can you do? Get the vaccine if that is what you want or need to do. If that is not in your plans do not do as a new friend of mine told me about his plans. I exercise and eat right! Wrong! I would take in my personal opinion take optimal doses of vitamin D3 to obtain optimal blood plasma levels of vitamin D3, take 25-40 mg of zinc a day and take one to two grams of vitamin C. If you have a vitamin D receptor defect, remember 30+% of people and 40% of obese people do. 

So you might have to maintain higher blood plasma levels to overcome the VDR defect. If obese you may need higher doses to reach optimal blood plasma levels of vitamin D3 levels. Yes, lots of issues to face but if you want to be safe and maintain your freedom is it not work it. 

I would work with an open mind physician as you should be if taking optimal doses. One who is able and willing either to put me on chloroquine prophylactically or treat me with  it or hydroxychloroquine and other pharmaceuticals I may need depending on my symptoms. 

If not working with a healthcare provider you should at a minimum be checking your ionized calcium, vitamin D panel, and parathyroid hormone blood plasma levels. If not, that at least know the signs and symptoms of vitamin D3 toxicity, that is hypercalcemia. 

Realize too much zinc can cause a copper deficiency. Above all be smart and educate yourself and others as many are asleep these days and need to be woke. 

  • Once there on the first page go to the third picture down at the bottom it reads-search VAERS data. Click on it. Once the next screen opens go to first window and click on the small box that reads-I have read and understand the disclaimer- then below that click search CDC data. 
  • Then when the next page opens go to the Third paragraph which states Search Current VAERS Data and where at bottom it states VAERS Data Search. But before clicking it go to bottom of page and click agree. Then go back up and click on the Search Current VAERS Data. 

On the page that appears go to number 2 where it is written Select Symptoms, click on symptoms. On next page it will list search. Under it enter the name of vaccine manufacturer. Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson. Enjoy. Yes, it is a maze to get to which I believe is intentional. Of course you should read any of the prompts concerning agreeing before you


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