Vaccines,  vitamin D3 and Antiviral Medications as well as medications effective against viruses, the new paradigm and why our leaders are Not Doing Everything Possible.


In at one case I am personally aware of, I am sure there are many more, one of these brave doctors was put on the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI)  watch list. The same list the FBI uses to lists known terrorists on. 

The media pressure is intense to go get vaccinated and those who are not are essentially uncaring and endangering us all. These are the same people who received emergency authorization for these “vaccines” by stating there was no know treatment for Covid-19. 

The same people who said the vaccine was 100% effective. The same people who said the vaccine would be long lasting. The same people who said we only needed herd immunity to control it. I will not tell you that you should or should not be vaccinated for Covid-19. 

Does it not concern you that the same people who are pushing so hard for you to have also been dishonest with you multiple times. Do you like being forced to do something? If you are proabortion and control of your body, how can you tell someone else how they need to act with theirs>

So I understand how we can become brainwashed to believe that vaccines are our best and often only option to new rapidly spreading viral diseases. That is if we were still in the 1970”s or before. Yet there was no effort to promote these drugs. No effort to encourage people to boost their immune system with vitamin D3.

So essentially if you tested positive for Covi-19 you were sent home with a potentially a fatal diagnosis but with one option if not sick enough to be admitted to hospital, then. That option was going to the emergency room if you become ill. How could that happen when multiple valid options. 

They surely did not do Everything They could. When medications especially early in the process could have at least slowed down the spread, suffering and deaths.  Even later as vaccines started coming out against Covid-19 there was a major disinformation campaign against these medications. Guess by who?

For example, in the case of hydroxychloroquine which is effective against Covid-19, the Influential medical journal The Lancet came out against.  The Lancet later apologized publicly for their bad behavior. These are supposedly some of our best medical experts? 

Why is it that we are so afraid of change? Are we so focused on only what we think we know? Or are the pharmaceutical industries so locked in on profits. They control our experts to such a degree that we will never hear the truth. No wonder people are confused and desperate to hear the truth. 

Yet our health experts are attacking the potential solutions. So much for doing everything possible to save lives and fight off this scourge. Even now they are discussing a third booster that apparently will be ten times the immune response. Reminds me of when coal powered shipping came in. They built sailboats with bigger and bigger sails. See any around today? for the vaccinations. 

Recent data shows from Israel shows the Pfizer and BioNTech inoculations overall are only 39% effective against Covid-19. 1 A drop from 64% two weeks ago from Israel. Now this same article does show this inoculation does reduce serious infections. 

I believe Israel has the percentage of individuals who have received the shots that would according to the experts achieve heard immunity. Though the authorities keep bumping up exactly what that percentage is to achieve heard immunity. 

For starters experts on coronaviral respiratory infections in humans known from the beginning that following the typical coronaviruses that cause respiratory tract infections (part of the viruses that cause flu symptoms) one typically has two to three years of immunity (that is sufficient antibody counts to fight it off) at most. 

The injections (what is portrayed as a vaccines) are not the same as contracting the disease like many if not most other vaccines are .As often many other vaccines contain alive but weakened  or dead viruses. The virus that elicits an immune response. 


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