Vaccines,  vitamin D3 and Antiviral Medications as well as medications effective against viruses, the new paradigm and why our leaders are Not Doing Everything Possible.

So fast forward to today there are many medications useful as options to treating Covid-19. Perhaps more that have not yet been tried. So vaccines are no longer are the only solution or effective option for viral diseases.  

Concerning vaccines efforts were made to develop ones against of course HIV but also other major scourges like malaria. Unfortunately to date none have been effective. In a sense if there is no other effective option it makes sense to try to develop a vaccine. 

As after receiving  a vaccination then never again do you have to worry about that disease again. The problem with that to a degree is human nature. The safer you make our lives the more risks many take. Certainly not all but enough that people do things put themselves and all of us at greater risk. 

Even if not all people but a high percentage do not increase their risky behavior, they can overwhelm the medical system. Like knowing if they do not take care of their health there will medical treatments to reduce their symptoms and improve their health. 

They become complacent. Complacent in optimizing their health. So they do not eat well, smoke, drink excessive alcohol, do not exercise and do nothing to optimize their nutrients. Assuming by the time they have health, issues there will be a solution. Thus their thinking wastes my time with taking care of myself.

 Thus when confronted with a sudden new contagious disease like an influenza strain, sudden acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and now Covid-19their lack of attention to their health results in our healthcare systems being overwhelmed. 

As if healthier they might not even need medical care to now possibly dying from it. Thus by making them safer we have created the groundwork for complacency and a catastrophe. Like we have now. Where those with obesity and blood sugar issues-essentially some of the main symptoms in my opinion to vitamin D3 deficiency are the most severely affected by Covid-19. 

This complacency also results in another issue which may be more dangerous. As these mass projects (vaccines and medications) are more successful, we become more dependent on our experts to direct our health. 

Causing us to become more complacent in our personal responsibility for our own health. Smoking, eating too much and not exercising to name a few. It is after all human nature. 

So back to AIDS. We developed all these antivirals and for that matter other effective medications (ones used off liable). We as doctors are often curious and experimenters. So we start using medications as they say off label. Thank God we do. 

So what is off label use. It is using a medication against a disease it may show promise in treating but no studies had been done for or it was tested against for official government approval (Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in US).

As by using off label we often find new and effective ways to use these medications. Often against diseases the original inventors never thought of using them for. Medications like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. These and up to 18 prescription medications that have potential in off label use against covid-19. 1

These are essentially as I see it the most available and effective, and least expensive pharmaceutical options against Covid-!9.Now some valiant doctors, doctors willing to risk their careers and keep their patients from dying. 

Like I wrote above doctors are experimenters and willing to break the rules (using medications off label) often to save their lives. Call it civil disobedience, As an aside not enough of that. Well even before any of the current Covid-19 vaccines were even in conceptual form many doctors were saving lives.

They were doing this by using these medications off label. So by using their knowledge concerning  on off label use of these medications. They were living by the mantra DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE.




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