Vaccines,  vitamin D3 and Antiviral Medications as well as medications effective against viruses, the new paradigm and why our leaders are Not Doing Everything Possible.

Concerning Covid-19 they did after time developed several injections (labeled vaccines) against the original Covid-19 virus. The problem is that not only the original virus mutated, but mutations of the virus have mutated. Soon we will be in the same situation as last year’s hurricane season if you still remember anything or want to about last year.

Were they essentially run out of traditional names for hurricanes? The same may soon happened with names for mutations of this virus. What this has resulted in is the injections against the original virus are now less and less effective against the mutations. 1

So the rush to inject as many as possible may not have been so wise after all. Not to mention side effects from these injections. 2 Let us do a bit of history. Again in the distant past brilliant people like Edward Jenner in 1796 developed the first vaccine to smallpox. This led to its eradication in 1979. 

Eradication of smallpox as there was no wild reserve. A wild reserve is for example where the virus can also infect other animals besides humans. Remember bird and swine flu. They can from animal reserves.  Also remember Covid-19 they told us came from a bat. A wild reserve. 

So no known way to eradicated it. Heard immunity will not and never could happen. Another of the initial narratives we were told. About how heard immunity was why we need an ever changing higher percentage of people to become injected.  To eradicate Covid-19. That this was not possible the experts knew from the beginning. 

So returning to traditional vaccines this idea caught on and they then developed many different vaccines over the next two hundred plus years such that now it seems that our childhood is consumed by acquiring them. Fortunately, these vaccines have saved countless lives and prevented so much suffering. 

Then in the later part of the last century we were struck by a horrible disease-AIDS caused by the HIV virus. In many ways like our current situation with Covid-19.  Efforts were initiated to develop a vaccine. Decades later there still is not an effective one.  

What we did develop, were antiviral medications that are effective against viral infections. Antiviral medications were something new. Something we did not have in the past as an option to treat viral infections. Our options significantly changed from only vaccines to try to prevent viral infections to both vaccines and  many effective antiviral medications. 

Also since Aids first appeared we have developed a better understanding of how important our body in fighting diseases is. How by boosting our immune system we might never contract the disease. Substances like vitamin D3 are in not only preventing but also in possible a new way to treat viral infections.

Now with antiviral medications a HIV infection went from a death sentence to the inconvenience of having to take medications daily. Soon antiviral medications that has made both viral diseases like herpes simplex II (mouth cankers). human papilloma virus (a possible cause of cervical cancer) easily treated and in some case cure hepatitis C. 

Thus we went in roughly two centuries from not having any options to treat any viral disease to a three pronged approach to doing so. By being able to  effectively produce vaccines, boost our immune system and use multiple effective medications to treat them. In many cases as was the case until the 1980’s vaccines are no longer our only, best or even safest option to treat viral infections.  

As the technology developed in our culture the pharmaceutical industry was able to develop many new other medications against what obscure non-viral caused diseases are. Obscure diseases at least in major Western countries. Diseases like onchocerciasis and lymphatic filariasis. Medicines like ivermectin which by some is considered a wonder drug.

As it has had a major impact on effectively treating many untreatable diseases or diseases with no other effective options. Diseases like Then it took brave doctors who were often ostracized for doing so to use these medications again diseases they were not developed for. 

What is called off label use. Once established it is a common practice. It however takes those first doctors to test it against and their patients to agree not knowing if it will help or hurt their patients. Thus with antiviral medications and others used off label.



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