Vaccines,  vitamin D3 and Antiviral Medications as well as medications effective against viruses, the new paradigm and why our leaders are Not Doing Everything Possible.

Currently we are being bombarded with both well intentioned and intentionally misleading information concerning Covid-19. Confusing people, leading to countless people being injured and dying. In this series of blog posts I am going to give a brief history of viral infection treatment, our current treatment options and how it is possible to control this Covid-19 pandemic. 

In the distant past when we had no effective treatment against viral infections, Viral infections like measles, smallpox and polio went unchecked. Killing tens of millions as well as causing major suffering. The best example of that the best would have been those who inhabited the New World. 

The New World as they called North and South America when visited by Europeans in the 1500’s. As when those Europeans arrived, they brought measles for which the inhabitants of the New World had no immunity. The measles in many areas killed up to 95% of the native human population.  

What if the current Covid-19 were continuing to mutate such that it ends up doing the same. Not trying to be a fear monger but if as if some of the experts say this is an extremely dangerous virus (I do not trust our experts, more on that later). So they argue like for all major diseases to DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to prevent it. 

Comforting but empty words, but so far from true with Covid-19. Those are empty words so far as there are many other options. Options besides the vaccine. To obtain emergency approval of the vaccine they had to claim the Coivid-19 virus had no other option to treat.  

Many options like using supplements like vitamin D3 to make our immune system at its peak function, reduce infection rates and survivability. By using medications for early treatment and improve people’s chances of surviving. Not only did they not mention or use them they attacked those who promoted them.

I see the experts changing course anytime soon though over the weeks I have been writing this I am seeing the public wake up and maybe the tide is turning. Many medical doctors and nurses and other healthcare workers want to and are helping people with these supplements and medications.

Our national health leaders in general will not let them. Even before we knew about Covid-19 many of us were promoting the health benefits of higher blood plasma levels of vitamin D3. He and others realized how amazing our body was if given natural substances in the true amounts needed. 

For example Dr. Coimbra of Brazil had had great success in treating autoimmune diseases and I had equally good success in requiring reduced opioid use for chronic pain, restoring bone health, depressive symptoms, weight loss, and improved sleep. Also I amazingly never again saw another case of the flu in any of my patients. 

Now if you have been a reader of my blog, book, or member of the private Facebook group Vitamin D Advocacy you are aware of my opinions concerning what I call optimal dosing to achieve optimal blood plasma levels of vitamin D3. 

So let go back to early 2000 when Covid-19 started making world news. I wrote long detailed letters to the president of the US and the medical director of the NAACP for example and did podcasts explaining how critical was vitamin D3 in protecting us and preventing the spread of this virus. 

As it turns out if they would have paid attention it would have significantly reduced the number of deaths, those suffering and reduced the virus’s mutation rate. Every day more and more research are confirming this. To date no major figure came out in support of my ideas. 

Many of you did take my message to heart, thankfully, hopefully it has helped you like it has me, my family, and friends. That is the ones that listened.  Perhaps the leaders probably only used it for themselves, family, and friends.  


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