Maximizing profit which so often results in neglecting what results in no increase in monetary return. Like spending money to add key minerals like boron or magnesium to our farmland. When this doesn’t fit into to the companies bottom line we end up with the fruits and vegetables deficient in them. 

Whereas we in the past ate these fruits and vegetables as we knew they were healthy. Healthy because we knew we would receive for one the minerals, vitamins and other important substances we required. They are now so often bereft of those key nutrients. 

Such that now when you go out and try to eat “healthy” based on experience for generations we are deceived. As they aren’t what is advertised. You can’t because your food doesn’t contain them. They don’t just magically appear! 

So, it you are not educated like most these and other deficiencies contribute to your health deteriorating. If you educate yourself, you are much better off. That depending on level of education as to what your missing of what should be “naturally’ acquired. To live a “natural” and healthy life. 

However, now even if you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle there is an high chance you are missing one if not many important vitamins, minerals and supplements. Possible even if well-educated there are some that even you don’t know you need or are missing.

Even if you are aware of all your missing, you’re now dependent on supplements to compensate. That is better than those who the less educated. Thus, the more likely to be dependent on Western medicine i.e. pharmaceuticals and surgery to treat the symptoms of the modern and typically metabolic diseases.

Diseases and treatments, you will have, and will be require treating the symptoms to survive. Again no one said anything about thriving. Those who are totally ignorant of what is happening, depending on genetics, are typically the most dependent on western medicine. 

As before your foods were richer (probably not perfect) in important minerals for one than now. What has changed is we can test for the missing substances. Yes, we are seeing a revival in farmers markets and small farms and ranches suppling healthier food for starters. 

There are problems though as no guarantee they are what they say they are and expensive for starters. So, you didn’t need to be a nutritionist, medical doctor (though most aren’t trained in this area) or chemist to know what you were missing. 

Such that due to deficiencies in our foods for one are probably having a greater negative effect. Who knows what else is missing in our foods due to depleted soils? 

The thing about healthy natural (non GMO) foods is they appeared to also improve absorption of other nutrients or cofactors which we may not have with taking supplements. If that weren’t enough of a problem. Those added chemicals, like herbicides and pesticides, that now are in your foods.

These herbicides and pesticides are having to become more toxic due to monocultures (essentially all plants with identical genetics) of food crops. These increasingly toxic substances are killing our body, our physical and mental health by a thousand cuts. Not to mention our environment.

Then our poultry raised in cramped stressful environments, filled with antibiotics, deficient or altered food and God knows what else and out of the sun so no vitamin D3. Yes, some may not do this but the cost to purchase food produce organically and free range is currently either too expensive or unavailable for most. 

Even then as the rules and laws are so lax what does organic really mean and can it be trusted?  Perhaps it is a problem too big to be solved? I don’t think it is but to start we need to understand the problem, reshape our thinking and work together to develop a solution. 

That is if we want to regain our health freedom. Perhaps we are too far gone, too sucked into our smart phone social media(which I consider the modern sex toy as a recent study show ( weird things is now I can’t find the study?) it gives most who are regularly engaged with it enough intimacy we no longer need sex)  which apparently is replacing real intimacy with the sense of just enough to “satisfy” most. 

Thus contributing, it appears, to the declining birth rate in “modern” countries. Further along that line of reasoning besides the above are we too into internet distractions and too mentally as well as physically ill to care.  More of the thousand cuts. Has this general malaise become so far pervasive there is no hope?

*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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