Business opportunities, by converting farming and ranching into large scale businesses to reduce cost, improve efficiency and profit. As more and more businesses became mature others looked for new opportunities. One opportunity was the production of food and boy did they produce food.

No one said anything about it being healthy but as far as quantity they checked that box. If looked like food and at least tasted ok, that was fine. If it had diminished nutritional value who was to say. In a way we in a way have come full circle. During the centuries prior to spices food was often bland or even rancid. 

But at least it had calories and enough nutrients for us to survive. Certainly, there has always been an issue with food security. I get it as with out at least the calories we don’t do well and potentially starve. Even today there are many places in the world where starvation is a real issue. 

It seems in some ways we are regressing to a time when the majority not a minority of the worlds people are perhaps not starving in the literal sense but are starving of key nutrients. Starving such that key functions are breaking down. Rather then finding and reversing the cause we are letting it fester.

Fester by slowly eating away at our health with for one and the starting point chronic gut issues. These gut issues resulting in chronic inflammation. This inflammation over years and decades damaging the delicate receptors in our body. The ones that control our metabolism like the main ones leptin, ghrelin and insulin. 

Then blaming us for again not eating, exercising or sleeping properly. The same experts who are not diagnosing the cause but treating the symptoms. See the ancients, if you want to call them that, knew to treat the cause. It is only in the last 100 years or so that this modern healthcare model has evolved.

A system that “addicts” us to expensive pharmaceuticals and surgeries. Expensive protracted treatments. Ones that only specialist can administer. Mom forget her. She is no longer in this model qualified to be of much help other then chicken soup. 

Again, a treatment for symptoms, but when most food had quality, mom feeding us healthy food was the best “treatment”. Hard to need a doctor if your healthy. Yes, more people prior to modern medicine died of accidents. 

But I would bet a small fortune if they had lived into late life they wouldn’t have suffered all the metabolic disease we do now. Now we have a system that has been “incorporated”. That has not only displaced mom but is the healthcare business converting Mom and Pop medical practices into corporate entities. 

As it was for the most part the mom and pop medical practice was already on the wrong path of treating symptoms. However, when doctors had more time, they could counsel patients better. Actually, find cures. Perhaps that is why all the pressure on medical doctors. God forbid one come up with THE solution.

However, this corporatization of it only sped up this transition. No, it has not been a smooth transition in medicine, but it is happening. Further separating people from any hope of regaining independence of their health. All under the guise of we are ill because of being lazy, glutinous and over stimulated.

So, like in modern corporate medicine, the transition to mega vegetable farms has resulted in a focus on profit. To accomplish increased profit, it requires a reduction in cost. Thus, to accomplish that less money is spent on anything that doesn’t increase the profit. I am not against profit. But customers should receive value.

On modern corporate farms if the look or taste of the food doesn’t seem to suffer too much so things don’t change. Thus, resulting in more and more minerally depleted soil, altered seeds, and the addition of herbicides to name a few of the changes. Certainly, producing more food as we have demanded.

The bottom line is the key. The press for more and more quantity, quality be damned, is the driving force. Hey, the shareholders must be satisfied. This also has resulted in not only mega farms but also the creation of mega poultry and livestock conglomerates. Mega industries that often don’t answer to anyone.

As I have written there is no way, at least I can tell by examination through look or taste of a fruit or vegetable and tell if it is healthy. But if the changes are anything like the changes that have occurred to poultry, which I am afraid they have, God help us. Chickens that can barely stand on their own. 

Living in cramped highly stressful environments. That can’t be producing healthy food. Like baseball and now basketball (read Moneyball or Sprawlball), which has become so focused on the numbers and not the quality, our agriculture has gone from family farmers and ranchers to corporations. 

Not necessarily bad. As with size typically comes efficiency, but when it comes down to the bottom line which so often happens in public corporations where maximizing profit while neglecting anything that hinders that is the goal, quality suffers.

*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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