Again, as I wrote before I don’t think there is a grand collusion to put us in our current dependent situation, but a series of events based on a few basic perceived needs and a desire for profit above all else. That and a lack of a long term vision.

As I have written before I would tell my children when they were young not to come to me with a problem if they had not at least thought of an answer. It didn’t have to be a perfect answer but at least an indication that they had tried to solve the problem. 

So, I will try to do the same. Not come to you or continue to come to you with what I perceive as problems without trying to develop an answer. I have thought about this a long time. As I continue to think about and “sleep on it” things become clearer. So, what are the answers? 

I in the future when I write about and discuss what I see as an issue I will delineate not only the problem but what I see as the solution for that problem. There are however a few general solutions. Solutions I have discussed before in some of my previous blog posts and my book. 

Solutions I believe I need to reiterate in the context of this new paradigm I am laying before you.  What I do know is you need to try we as a people realize and demand change. That until those changes are made, which may take years or decades to come to fruition, a great starting point is optimal dosing.

Optimal dosing and blood levels of vitamin D3, magnesium and a few other substances. Then if your vitamin D receptors function properly your appetite will change, you will lose weight and require less food. What is critical is our immune system function properly as most are vitamin D3 deficient thus it is in most “blinded”.

Blinded when our vitamin D3 blood levels are below optimal levels. I don’t know if there is a certain level which it turns on or if it is linear increase in immunity with blood levels. What I do know is low blood levels result in our immune system not being able for one differentiating self from foreign. 

Thus immune issue can and do result in autoimmune diseases for one. Perhaps it contributes to in some the immune system being unable to differentiate the proteins, antigens or other substances from pathogens. Certainly, an area that needs more study.

With deficiency of vitamin D3 resulting in gut issues causing metabolic issues leading to metabolic disease and sleep deprivation causing the body to not or poorly repair itself. Particularly in high metabolic regions like the immune system. This could contribute to the frequency of autoimmune diseases.

By causing it to make more mistakes. Mistakes like not recognizing self from foreign resulting in autoimmune disease or cancer.  As some have argued most modern pharmaceuticals are attempts to mimic what vitamin D3 or other natural substances already does for the body. Clearly a poor second choice are pharmaceuticals.

As with vitamin D3 which when I first realize how critical it was, I figured it importance would be widely accepted in 5-10 years. Now 9 years later there is only a small increase in it appreciation. Perhaps at some point soon that critical number of people will wake up and realize this. 

Or we will continue to deteriorate and never wake up. As so many people become sicker and sicker. Like so many revolutions it will take the energy of the young. I hope they are listening. As people are slow to accept new ideas it took years for people to make the expert recommended changes to reduce sun exposure. 

The fear of over population and not having enough to eat which also started in the 1970’s as I remember it also took time to be accepted. Though again having some truth this thinking has led to excuses to cause more damage to us and our environment.

The search for new business opportunities used these fears. Used them to speed the conversion of farming from Mom and Pop business to a corporate business. Many saw a potential for increased profit, a solution to food shortages and a new business opportunity.

*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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