We have a crisis with diet. People realize that and try to reverse the negative affects by self-treatment, Self-treating with fad diets and more recently with the Keto diet, they are getting close to the solution but not quite right, the real shame is where are our experts? Lots to cover! 

So, our so called experts are telling us all the wrong options like avoiding the sun and lower our cholesterol. Complex issues, yes. but in the following posts I will try to give you my opinion on what we really need to due to restore our health. 

Yes, not everything they tell us is incorrect. For example, they direct us to eat healthy, but that is what makes finding the truth so difficult. Yes, they for example give us a food triangle but is that healthy? I will endeavor to prove it is not.

Because of what was once healthy food is now altered. As it is either missing key nutrients, has had dangerous substances added or it has been altered. Also, we have been led to believe we need to eat amounts of foods that are bad for us. 

Like I wrote above a lot to cover and hopefully by the end of my blog posts I will explain why we find it so difficult to eat healthy. If our governmental experts weren’t telling us half-truths it would be so much easier to make the correct adjustments. 

The problem is in my opinion they are playing off our assumptions and what we have grown up believing to mislead us. Is it intentional? I don’t know perhaps they are influenced by the same assumptions and beliefs But, if so, they aren’t truly experts but essentially parrots!

 What I do know though is if we don’t make significant changes, we will see our health continue to deteriorate like it has. As I have written before it amazes me that in comparing the picture of famers like my mom’s grand parents who were thin, mostly healthy (cotton dust from owning a cotton gin destroyed my grandfather’s lungs) and despite this he lived to be eighty eight. 

Like I wrote it is complex and the point is to try to tease out the truth. The thing is his food didn’t kill him like it is for us. Like for us due to chronic inflammation they are causing in our current time. I am not going to make any friends with what I am about to type.  

Which is the reason I have had the issues with authority when they are wrong like I have had so far in my life, but I won’t back down from what I see is the truth. The issues as I see it is some who work in the corn, dairy and seed companies are in my opinion are short sighted. 

They appear to be putting the goal of selling more of their products above quality and our health. This is causing a loss of quality alteration, deficiency or overuse of those products. Issues that are harming us.  As I will explain resulting in more food production at lower monetary cost.  

Which would be good if it weren’t also usually at a loss of quality. So, let me start my explanation. Where simply washing the fruit or vegetable in the past would be enough to remove the problem. But is that still the case? Thus, even if you eat “healthy” are you? Even if they did contain the proper nutrients would it be enough to offset the other attacks on our health? 

That’s the thing we need experts in all these fields to help us determine this. The problem is if their jobs, the experts, depend on those who are making these changes can these experts really give an answer that is not financially and usually will negatively affect us? That is as far as our health goes, as their decisions are influenced by their employer. 

What I will try to do in the blog posts, on areas I see an issue concerning our food, is trying to answer these questions the best I can. Eventually to truly answer these questions we may need to demand as a people that our government truly work in our best interest. 

*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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