In this same Holistic Primary Care article, they quote Dr. Steven Nissen, MD a Cleveland Clinic cardiologist who they tout as one who apparently exposes bad pharmaceuticals and critical of “fad” diets. 1
Thus, using his above actions, we are given the impression that we should accept him as a fair voice as has been critical of both those who are pro pharmaceutical and pro “natural” solutions to health issues. Not so fast as perhaps he isn’t so unbiased!
A Forbes article written by Mr. Huston states Dr. Nissen is the lead investigator in a multimillion dollar study on one of two new cholesterol lowering drugs. 2 In that same Forbes article notes that a college of Dr. Nissen came to his defense, but Mr. Husten rebukes that defense. 3
Is Dr. Nissen good or bad? I don’t care. I am disappointed as a true scientist asks hard questions. A scientist wants to know the truth regardless of where it leads. Do we need more study of vitamin D3? Yes! Does vitamin D3 work in a vacuum? No.
Then apparently Dr. Nissen, as noted both in article in Holistic Primary Care and in the Forbes article, calls anyone he disagrees with as part of a cult, especially ones who apparently supports natural over pharmaceutical solutions. 4 Perhaps he isn’t so unbiased after all?
Further supported by the Forbes article where Mr. Husten quotes him “we are losing the battle for the hearts and minds of our patients to Web sites developed by people with little or no scientific expertise, who often pedal ‘natural’ or ‘drug-free’ remedies for elevated cholesterol levels.”4
Yes, there are some out there making crazy claims but also some with “little or no scientific training” who are apparently adhering to better science then the so called “experts”. In my opinion if Dr. Nissan were to be one of later in that group of those with “little or no scientific training” who used science.
I believe he would have come to the same conclusions I have about this VITAL study. We are all biased and I am sure I am. Dr. Nissen makes this clearer as he is quoted in the Holistic Primary Care article as saying the following.
“At the end of the day, the results now reported show that vitamin D did not reduce the risk of cancer and did not reduce the risk of heart disease. As many of us feared, this cult of vitamin D use turned out not to be an effective approach to preventing disease. And it’s a warning, that this widespread use of dietary supplements without good scientific evidence can lead us to make mistakes”.
He appears to have a bias against what he calls “natural remedies”. Sure, there are many who come across as experts when they are not, but that doesn’t mean that all information on “natural remedies” is wrong no more than it means it is right.
Thus, Dr. Nissen apparently has a conflict of interest and bias. He doesn’t list these in either article. To me what is more dangerous, is he is not using science to come to his opinion which is misleading. The point I am trying to make is in my opinion like the other “large studies” (see earlier posts), the VITAL study they are trying to show vitamin D3 doesn’t have any benefits beyond treating rickets.
And going so far in this case to make it appear that even those in the integrated medical field or at least those who are open minded realize vitamin D3 is of no value again beyond treating rickets.

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Nissen Calls Statin Denialism A Deadly Internet-Driven Cult

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