Let’s beat a dead horse (no animals were harmed in writing this blog) further and deconstruct what Dr. Nissen has purportedly said starting from the beginning. I applaud him for outing “fad” diets as vitamin D3 at optimal doses in my research reduces appetite, speeds up metabolism and reduce fat absorption.

So, it seems he is agreeing with those of us “with little or no scientific training” that “fad” diets typically fail. 1 As I have blogged before, optimal blood levels of vitamin D3 are necessary to naturally return one to ideal body weight.

As far as outing bad pharmaceuticals good on him. So, he has clearly done some good. But the quote he is alleged to give is in my opinion is neither fair nor up to expert level. He notes that vitamin D (he did not differentiate between D2 or D3) in this VITAL study did not reduce risk.

The risk of cancer nor cardiovascular disease. Which is correct. This study didn’t show vitamin D helped to prevent these diseases, but we understand why as explained before. It is horribly flawed study doomed to fail.  So far so good but then he goes off the rails.

He is both quoted, as calling those who believe in the health benefits of vitamin D as the “Cult of vitamin D” and as saying “this cult of vitamin D use turned out not to be an effective approach to preventing disease.” 1

Wow from my read he is now extrapolating to say that not only is vitamin D worthless for cardiovascular disease and cancer the main study points of this study, but vitamin D is essentially worthless in preventing ANY disease.

Even if I were to, I am not, agree that the VITAL study is a legitimate study how can he totally ignore all the other studies that show the beneficial effects of vitamin D3? Rickets survivors or those whose children have rickets alone is enough to demonstrate how silly is his statement.

To further prove Dr. Nissen wrong.  There are many other studies showing the beneficial effects elsewhere. Though not proof that vitamin D3 prevents disease but would there be vitamin D receptors in almost every cell if not every cell in the body if it was worthless?2 Then I saw the effects in my patients.

No, it wasn’t set up in a double blind placebo controlled study. My compassionate side wouldn’t allow me to do that. My flaw. The question you must ask is would the thousands of my patients who took vitamin D3 at optimal doses for 6 years, I did measure their blood levels, have the benefits they did if it was bogus?

Perhaps but I would have to one charismatic dude! Then to convince that many people to take something they had to pay for when most had very tight budgets if it didn’t work? No not a scientific proof but the reason I say we need more but appropriate study not flawed poorly constructed “studies” that are sure to fail.

See people I have found as a group usually find the truth and thousands would not take vitamin D3 at optimal levels unless there was something to it. Remember I checked their blood levels so apparent if they were not taking it as going from an optimal daily dose to none, blood levels drop quickly. Why do they drop quickly?

It drops quickly because your body is using much more of it and more proof it is being used. Yes, I am starting to sound like the critics by essentially saying- believe me I know! But I am willing to put it to a real test and that is why I am not afraid of a legitimate study that uses optimal doses combined with the other substances.

Substances like that are needed when you rev up one’s metabolism at these doses. Like with starting an exercise regimen after a long layoff it takes time when starting optimal dosing for your body to build all the metabolic machinery to make full use of these blood levels.

You could but it wouldn’t be wise nor last long if you started a rigorous exercise program without increasing your intake of key substances like protein, vitamins and minerals as you use more. No not simple to explain but why it makes using studies like the Vital study so effective in confusing people.

  1. Goldman E, Wright B. VITAL Study Casts Shade on Sunshine Vitamin’s Benefits. Holistic Primary Care. Winter 2018, pg. 2.
  2. Wang Y, Zhu J., DeLuca HF. Where is the vitamin D receptor? Arch Biochem Biophys. 2012 Jul 1;523(1):123-33.


*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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