I grew up being told, ok, brainwashed to think we would overpopulate the world. Yea, perhaps that will happen but currently at least in industrialized countries the opposite is happening. We are not replacing ourselves and our populations are shrinking. This mindset is having the desired effect.

Must youth don’t want kids it seems. This is the world we have created. As far as food goes it is the same. We have been made to fear hunger. Yes, hunger is horrible and when I grew up, we for many years barely had enough to eat. So, I get it.

However, in comparing the US to other countries, especially if you have been outside the US, they eat so much less then we do here in US. I believe so much of that has to do with first them being outdoors more and not using sunscreen so their vitamin D3 blood levels are higher for one.

Second how all the issues I am bring up effect our gut bacteria and third the culture we grew up in. Diet and health fads. Take the Mediterranean diet? The secret? Sunshine resulting in increased vitamin D3. Most modern medicines for most part mimic the effects of vitamin D3. Yes, I keep coming back here.

I truly believe there is plenty of food especially if we had people with optimal blood levels of vitamin D3. Image how much food-calories it requires to maintain 30, 40 or 100 lbs. of fat. How many others could be fed or how many less acres of deforested land could be used? 

How much better could we manage or farms and ranches. To produce the same amount, feed more but with better quality food. Less pressure on the environment that is producing more and more resistant bacteria, insects and fungal infections. 

Fungal infections for example like rust fungal infections that are wiping out crops. These are things that we can and do control. However, this rush to produce more and more “perfect” food (don’t forget how many fruits and vegetables are wasted because they don’t look right for example), has result in skimping on quality. 

Quantity or quality is a significant problem. Now we are using harsher chemicals to fight insects, weeds and fungus (rust) that are attacking our mono crops. If older have you recently tried to grow a garden? I am seeing bugs in numbers, resistance to insecticides or fungi (rust) like I never saw before. 

These are things we are “creating”. Pushing them to evolve. My fear is we push them to the point we can no longer control them. As it is many bugs, fungi and weeds are no longer affected by chemicals that worked before. 

Now we are having to use more and more toxic substances. Substances that are not only affecting other species of insects like bees but also mammals, birds and us. Eliminating the part of nature benefiting us. This can’t be good. The crazy thing is if we rethink this, show leadership we can fix it before it is too late. 

See the health business model of making us dependent is helping to fuel this, the business model of short term profit and bigger is better. Those are some of the paradigms that are destroying us. It is easy to miss what is going on as we have for one been educated, ok brainwashed to believe several things. 

Like all business that is profitable is good for us by creating jobs, strengthening our country and the current medical model. Part of the issue is we must trust. Trust that the government is working in our best interest. Balancing all the competing issues to go down the best path for all.

For example, it is impossible to look at our fruits and vegetables to tell if healthy, contain the proper nutrient or minerals. The old assumption was if it was a fruit or vegetable it must be healthy. I do not believe we can make that assumption or have been able to for decades. 

That is where the government needs to do it job. Make sure that the policy is such to protect us from things that only a government can. That is why we have federal agencies. But if they don’t and they don’t have vision and a clear policy then often they become bullies. Which so often they have become. 

As with no clear long term policy or effort to as they say, have the stakeholders work together. No wonder so many businesses have no faith in them. Why so many others have also lost faith as these agencies have become corrupted by those connected to these businesses to prevent this bulling.

However, if the agencies had a clear long term policy, if we had a health system for our benefit and leadership, I argue we could reverse the corruption and destruction we are creating to ourselves and our world. It won’t be easy and perhaps not possible, but we need to start moving that way.

*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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