So, back to the average medical doctor, if you are one who already suffer a disease that isn’t common or easy to treat then good luck. Yes, I have said prevention is key. However, most of us have gone so far down the current path that for some it may be too late to regain all your health. 

Such that we will still be more dependent on the old system. Like I thought I was. But recently I have been seeing some interesting changes. It is early however my hair color has started to go from white back to black. 

Or the atherosclerosis in my feet reversing. I still have a long way to go but it is clear it is happening. So, taking the needed supplements does appear to work. Work in not only preventing disease as I have explained before but in reversing disease.

But again even those like me who make the necessary changes, take optimal dosing to achieve optimal blood levels of vitamin D3, and take additional nutrients until foods are restored may still need pharmaceuticals to survive. 

Because as I will write about in the future there are many issues with our food and many may not be easy to solve but we have to try. Look at what has happened to those who took pain medications. Suddenly most who took them legitimately where told they could receive what worked before.

I would to know with pain medications why all the lack of empathy. With medication shortages and the whims of the government who is to say you will receive a medication even if you need it. So in my opinion the less you depend on this system the better.

That said medical care is probably an eventuality. As even in those who do everything perfectly at some point in their life, they may reach the point certain areas of the body age out. Age out such that treatment is needed. Putting this off as long as possible is the goal.

I believe there are current examples of this. As many of those who live into to their 100’s and longer, they are receiving the important vitamins and minerals they’re body needs. Like more sunlight, better quality food and more activity. 

There may be other substances that are important and being studied. Like rapamycin from Easter Island. Where this antibiotic may extend life. They are currently studying its effects on dogs. 1 However, most of use cannot afford or have access to rapamycin and perhaps we don’t need it of it won’t help us. 

Again, more study is needed. I don’t really know but if I had to guess I would bet most people would not want to live forever. Most of us want to live a healthy life but one were we can enjoy ourselves by eating and playing a full contact life. 

I believe by optimizing your diet with the correct vitamins, supplements and minerals. So, you can have excellent health so you can live a full healthy life. This is key optimal doses and blood levels of vitamin D3 changes your appetite. You don’t crave all the sugar for one. The average American eats 152 pound of sugar a year! 2 

A full life dying free of requiring chronic pharmaceuticals or surgery. Going from where it seems the average person in their 60’s typically requires approximately a thousand dollars a month of pharmaceuticals to treat their symptoms of disease.

No, I am not saying they will never take a pharmaceutical. As they certainly do have value and can for example like antibiotics be lifesaving. However, I hope to live to a day when metabolic diseases like diabetes requiring a diabetic medication like insulin or metformin is a rare occurrence not common.

This brings me to what I believe is critical. That you both become self-education and start becoming involved in preventative medicine. Because it is so common for your medical doctors either to be overwhelmed or not interested to help you if you have an unusual disease, how will you find help? 

  1. Urfer SR, Kaeberlein TL, Kaeberlein M, et al. (April 2017). A randomized controlled trial to establish effects of short-term rapamycin treatment on 24 middle-aged dogs. GeoScience.39(2):117-127.
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*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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