I believe our lack of leadership is mainly due to a world based on expediently. Of solving the current problem with little to no foresight or vision. The business mentality of maximizing profits for this quarter now appears to permeate our thinking.

 I once read that the higher you rise in decision making is dependent on the further in the future you see. To see in order to make decisions now that may take that long to come to fruition. Which plays out this way as they explained it. 

The person who stocks groceries plans for that day the store front manager a week until the CEO of a top 100 company or country leader of say a top 20 economy needing to be able to plan and make decisions that take 100 years or more to come to fruition. 

Like planting a tree, we don’t always live to see the benefits. That is what type of leaders we are either lacking or we are not allowing to express themselves. So, I am not sure if that still holds. Or if it does it is on a much shorter time frame. 

As it feels we and they are being compressed into a quicker and shorter time frame every day. That there is pressure to put off decisions that require years, decades or centuries to come to fruition. As our leaders no longer have confidence and/or are judged such that they will be either flawed or incorrect.

Thus, they are not making these decisions or looking into problems that require many decades, a century or more to show results so they see addressing these problems as a waste of time. Only the now counts. 

This may or may not be true and hopefully I am wrong. If these decisions are occurring about our health and food, I don’t see it. All I see is perpetuation of myths about food shortages, our health and a focus on the next business quarter. 

My fear is if there is and it continues to be a lack of foresight and planning will only result in a bleak future. Lots of this is due to miss information. That we cannot make enough food, or the world will be overpopulated. All this fear mongering. Creating medications that mimic vitamin D3’s effects.

For all the metabolic diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis (yes, it is), atherosclerosis and hypertension to name a few. Image the savings in fear and suffering from those that suffer from these diseases if the rate of those afflicted by them could be cut significantly or eliminated?

Image the saving in our taxes and perhaps that money could be used to build out our infrastructure that is suffering so badly. Or God forbid we balance our budget and less reliant on others to fund our runaway deficits and budgets.

Perhaps by people living healthy longer life could and would cause unintended consequences? I believe that is a better issue to deal with. Surely the savings in medical costs in the US at least to reduce the financial burden on the government’s Medicare program or make life better for us all.

It would reduce the number of medical doctors, nurses and others involved in the medical system who require specialized training. Training through schools that frequently are heavily funded by the US government. I. e. your and my taxes. 

Yes change. Change is scary and often causes a great push back as the status quo is so much more comfortable. Ignorance is bliss but in this case, I believe deadly to you, your family and friends. Confrontational for me to say but what the hell. Perhaps you don’t care? 

Or you have a huge investment in the status quo. Change always offers huge opportunities to profit. Those who are heavily invested in the previous system almost never see the train (as they say) coming until it is too late. Think mobile phones and ATT, operating systems and IBM or Netflix and major TV studios. All missed the next big thing. They sometimes survived it but it cost them dearly.

*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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