Again, I don’t think so. I believe we and especially the current generation is looking for purpose. A reason beyond themselves to live, get up each morning and a way to really make a difference. As I cannot think of a bigger accolade then by changing a century of corrupted thinking.

Ignorance and brainwashing that has been perpetuated by what five generations, including the supposed “greatest generation”, the one that fought and won WWII, to save humanity. Ok they were a little distracted. Perhaps hyperbole! Perhaps but as I have and will explain I don’t think so. 

But if we focused on helping each other instead of “protecting” ourselves and/or attacking others we could and will all benefit. Some may say a pipedream as there will always be some group that will want to take advantage of the weak. But if this group is close to the majority even those who are late to come on board we will make a difference. 

But we must start somewhere. I suggest making yourself healthy, your family and then work out from there. If your reading this you could be one of those who help save the world. See the less the human demand on the Earth and work with it the healthier it will be. 

This current system is causing excessive waste of food, corruption of the genetic code of those things we depend on to feed ourselves and deterioration in our health. Physical and mental health which reduces our ability to “see and understand” what is happening. Furthering our fear which is paralyzing us. 

Fear for political reasons. As again perhaps a grand conspiracy but more likely a combination of unrelated factors that in combination are blinding up. Now those of us who have found a different and healthier way to live are alerting others to the current danger. 

So, I get it as it is more and more difficult to convince even a small group to cooperate much less the number that may be required to save us. But I don’t think we all need to contribute to make this happen. Only enough motivated people though we all have a vested interest in better health and world. 

In slowing the “diseases” of aging as they are called but perhaps better described as cumulative effects of deficiency and poisoning. No, we cannot even in the best of current circumstances live forever, what ever that means. But I do believe we can all live a much longer healthier life in a better world.

See it is critical as far as our body goes, we only get one copy. A body that is amazingly well designed “machine” for lack of a better term. As I see it for one after decades deprived of vitamin D3, deprived especially if not at optimal blood levels and eating current foods are aging at an accelerated rate. 

As they have so weakened and sickened their bodies so are more and more dependent on pharmaceuticals at a younger and younger age requiring more and more of them. Or so damaged from an early age they could not protect themselves that in many cases they never fully recover like with autism spectrum disorder.

Pharmaceuticals to treat the symptoms but not cure so many diseases. Diseases that I firmly believe most of us would either never have or only have toward the extreme end of their lives in old age if we had optimal vitamin D3 levels our whole life. Yes, there are a few essential supplements beyond vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3, yes, I am harping on it again. To stress how it is not a vitamin but a hormone. Which at optimal blood levels gives you the best chance to stay healthy. Something that I can’t over emphasize as it is the key, the backbone to restoring your health. It is the reason I started down this road. Certainly, other factors are involved. 

Those others I have and will try to cover here. Though I am sure there are many I will miss some as either we are not aware we need them, or it is not clear their deficiency poses a danger. I will also try to cover in future blog posts information about our food that I find to be important.

The key is to educate yourself because as I have learned by being a medical physician, had the benefit of a mother who enlightened me, a chemical engineering degree and a patient this is critical. Let me explain as when I was first ill with a still undiagnosed autoimmune rheumatological disease I was so naive. 

*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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