As this health industrial complex has become so powerful and all encompassing that it is now causing harm. Harm because simple solutions are deemed, well simple. So instead of giving the substances for example vitamin D3 lets develop umpteen medications that treat all the symptoms its deficiency causes.

Instead of preventing illness from occurring let’s spend the time while it does occur to develop medications. Medications to treat its symptoms. Symptoms like sleep deprivation due to sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome. Let’s build multibillion dollar complexes to treat under guise of curing cancer. 

Those leading these health agencies, companies and medical institutions are “the smartest guys in the room” who is there to question them? If any natural solution comes up it is laughed at and ridiculed. As the myth persists that it’s our, the patient’s fault. If there was a solution that works, we the experts will find it.

Then of course they will say no simple solution will work. Its snake oil. We need some exotic sea slug venom to help. Don’t get me wrong I do believe we live in the garden of Eden and everything we need is here. However, as my chemical engineering professor once told me KISS keep it simple stupid! We are far from that.

Hey, I can hear the worldwide refrain now from medical doctors they “won’t” follow sound medical advice, remember exercise, eating right and getting enough sleep. So, they must come up with these complex, expensive and full of negative side effects medications to help treat you. 

Treat you because your health is deteriorating. Again, the problem is they are only treating the symptoms not the cause. They are misleading you to believe that you are the reason your ill, if you would have only followed their advice and since you haven’t only their medications can save you.

That is because the modern diseases are mostly metabolic. Mostly from our body suffering from an imbalance. Imbalance in that we are eating more calories then we burn. Eating foods deficient in key nutrients, loaded with toxins and by keeping you “protected” from the sun. Such that you’re gut is not working properly.

However, these foods your eating are typically empty calories. Yes fats, proteins and sugars but out of balance. We crave the highest caloric foods we can, and our immune system suffers. Because of lack of vitamin D3 putting us in winter syndrome (I explain in much earlier blog post and in my book). Causing out gut as our “second brain” to suffer. 

Due to this deterioration we self-medicate due to for example increased anxiety by eating more of those foods our vitamin D3 deficient appetite has signaled we now need to survive. So, we become obese. Making us more ill.

We are eating more foods because our out of balance body “thinks” it needs to store fat to survive winter. Only optimal blood levels of vitamin D3 signal our brain its “summer”. Time for appetite to change, lose weight and become more active. 

Without optimal blood levels we eat more and more empty calories. Even if we try to eat healthy foods they are so often grown in depleted soils. Soils missing minerals such as boron and magnesium. 

Soils only supplemented to grow the most in shortest time frame. Also genetically engineered to produce the most volume not the healthiest foods. Take wheat, it has been genetically modified to increase gluten production. 

Thus, more volume but not necessarily better quality and in fact the quality is worse. (check on this) For some making them more ill. I will write more about this later as so much to cover and researching all the different influences on food quality and its effect on our health takes time.

I am not an expert at food quality, but I would argue that many of the foods we eat require a certain make up to assure we properly absorb and use key nutrients. When genetically modified we may and probably lose those cofactors that may be essential to keep us healthy. On that I don’t think anyone has all the facts.

As I will discuss after I investigate different aspects of nutrients-vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and sugars to name a few, though most are available in pure forms. Though they may be a need to and probably do need to be or best ingested with other substances found in unadulterat3ed foods natural foods. 

These other factors naturally found in our foods may help us to better absorbed and/or metabolized important nutrients like vitamins and minerals. This I will investigate. Like I wrote before a lot to cover. It is important to better understand if we are headed to further compromising our health.

So, despite taking a purified form for example of amino acids you may not be acquiring the full benefits of them. Who knows as there are often so many natural substances found in our foods, substances that have not been studied or minimally studied as to their effect on the important components that have been studied? 

*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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