The latest and greatest illnesses, at least in the “developed” world that are occurring to more and more people as they become westernized, are for one coming from deficient food. Yet our medical experts are then blaming the patient for being ill. They are not seeing the bigger picture.

More on that latter. On the smaller scale the individual, it is a common occurrence when the doctor doesn’t really know what is wrong with the patient, rather then admit it, they blame the patient. Then once this new disease is “understood” especially if widespread the major pharmaceutical companies often with government funds “develop” new medicines. 

Medicines to save us from these signs and symptoms of these new “diseases”, but not to cure them. So often the claim for not finding a cure is “they” don’t understand the cause of these new diseases. Of course, ignorance is bliss, as it is more profitable to treat these diseases then cure them.

Then using these and promoting these new cutting edge, oh did I write expensive, medicines to treat this new disease. But who cares as someone else will bear the cost for them. However in reality we pay for them. Either through our taxes paying for the research or the pharmaceuticals themselves. 

Thus, we pay for a treatment of symptoms not treat the true cause. Which if your trying to continue to maximize profit and thus have a customer for life what could be better? Treating the symptoms or cause. The symptoms of course as the patient would be “addicted” to your medication for life.

As you never “cure” the illness with medications that treat only the symptoms. All along many of these illnesses are due to a deficiency or combination of them. Diseases that could have been prevented by  a simple solution. Not a solution that is both expensive and that is only be administered by select group. 

You can thank my great, great uncle for that. He funded the Flexner report and establishment of proprietary medical schools. 1 There were in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s issues with charlatans selling “snake oil” to treat every know medical issue. 

Of course this was an issue, but the solution he came up with was fabulous. As he developed a short site way to improve health but more importantly long term way to maximize profit for a few and to monopolize as well as control consumers. Brilliant in it reduced competition. 

Short term and brilliant in that it emphasized science which was becoming the answer to every problem. A short term way to divert peoples attention from the problem and cause of illness to now focus on their  “better” solution. Yes a solution only the symptom not cause but a solution just the same. 

The hope I assume is that with time people would no longer care about the cause and they were correct. Become so distracted that they wouldn’t notice they were trading physical and mental health for more dependence of their solutions. For good measure throw in some fear of each other to assure we were distracted.

Short term it did help in that its results did improve medicine, treatment of disease and quality of life. We did benefit from that short term help that is up until the late twentieth century. Though clean running water and adequate waste disposal did probably as much if not more to improve our health.  

In the long term this dependence on their medications and surgery have gradually caused a deterioration in our health. Sped along by science and business. I am not referring to real science but perverted science where they use deficient studies that are cobbled together to cast doubt on the truth.

Like I have blogged about before where they leave out important information to “prove” something that isn’t true. As our health deteriorates. Deteriorates due to diseases caused or made worse by deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and alteration of our environment as well as what is used to treat our foods.

Diseases that often no longer respond to pharmaceuticals or surgery. So these older methods they created have in many ways outlived their usefulness. That and as they seem to have run out of “block buster” medications. 

As there is no significant profit compared to what they could accrue in the past these companies are bereft of solutions. God forbid they tell us the truth.

*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!

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