They are so focused on “treating” disease with pharmaceuticals they don’t understand health. As not only are “vitamins” like D3 not really understood or appreciated but so is what is in our diet. For example, what is and is not contained in our fruits and vegetables. 

Like how they are deficient in minerals like boron but also contain toxic substances that are added to our foods. Again, it is as if they list foods that are in there ideal nutritious state. Who are they fooling? Unfortunately, most of us.

My question is how much of that has been made worse by our poor planning and lack of coordination? Which I plan on covering later in this blog series. That and how our poultry and livestock has also been polluted such that it effects our health. Thus, all of this is affecting us in a slow insidious way. 

Thus, the easiest way to have plausible deniability or through obfuscation. We are not stupid and though I believe in the scientific method, sometimes common sense trumps it. As after all some things are extremely difficult to tease through the scientific method.

Thus, making proving a point scientifically at least with current technology impossible. I guess what I am trying to say is you can use “science” to prove almost anything. If you have read my blog posts on how unscientific and useless some of the large meta studies are out.

For example, the saying ones purporting to “prove’ that higher dose vitamin D3 either doesn’t work or causes increased death rate. Which isn’t true and due to either underdosing or the use of cod liver oil as the source of vitamin D3. So if you read my blog posts on this topic you will see my point. 

This level of difficulty in deciding when to trust “science” and when you must use common sense makes it almost impossible but for all but those highly trained and who have time to spar to figure out what is the truth. This leaves most confused thus susceptible to follow the “experts”! 

But who really is an expert? In medicine we say an expert is a fellow doctor from more then fifty miles away who has slides. Not a ringing endorsement. We are often left to rely on an individual appointed high enough in an organization with grey hair as the expert. No one has time to become a expert on everything. 

Not that I have an answer but reason I am working on this book to try to lend some light to the issue, your health which is way to important to leave to those so poorly trained in health and who focus on illness.

So, back to our foods. All these poisons are resulting in a weakening of the by greatest “machine” ever built, our bodies. Weakening to such a degree as to not usually kill us. But leaving most of us as we age dependent on pharmaceuticals to survive much less thrive. Costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month. 

But these same medications cure almost nothing. No longer can we restore much less maintain “healthy” living by eating what once were nutritious foods. Because but in rare cases our food is so often deficient in the vitamins and minerals which they once had.

The problem is our medical schools are not teaching what I consider “real” nutrition as reflected in my medical school education. Where they treated it as of minimal importance. They covered the chemistry of it and the extremes. Extremes being if you received too little or two much of these nutrients. 

That is the disease states caused by the extremes but not how to maintain much less optimize one’s health. I went to a great medical school. It wasn’t that my school was an outlier in this but that all medical schools at least at the time I went didn’t appear to appreciate this educational deficiency. 

Perhaps this educational approach has changed since, but the issue is all those educated when I was at that time and before are now the ones “leading” us. They are the ones deciding what is and isn’t important. 

*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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