If so, will it be like how the US required Iraqis after ousting Saddam Hussein to buy only US company agriculture seeds. This was through Order 81: Patent, Industrial Design, Undisclosed Information, Integrated Circuits and Plant Variety Law. Thus, several US companies who have products used for agriculture profited.

Such as terminator seeds that produce plants that don’t produce seeds. So, each year the farmers had to buy new US seed company seeds. These same seeds often required the same or another US companies’ herbicides and pesticides to thrive. 1 This order prevents farmers from collecting or sharing seeds. 

But as the vast Iraqi seed banks were destroyed it is unlikely there were even any seeds to share. Dr. Dalia Wasfi a fellow physician an environmental activist gave a speech during which she explains the devastating effects of this law. 2 

Essentially US corporations are forcing the Iraqi people to only essentially use products from mainly US major corporations. Are we not being treated the same way in the US but fooled in a more gradual but extremely sophisticated way? 

Where we have gradually allowing our bodies to be destroyed. Perhaps initially this was done with the best intentions or those with such intentions, who were taken advantage of. Either way it doesn’t really matter as it has resulting in progressively worsening long term effects on us. 

We are constantly mislead such as with dermatologist and government officials promoting the decades long propaganda to avoid the sun and use sunscreen. Sunscreen and some of its issues I have blogged about before. The problem they never addressed is what happens after. After you stop receiving sun exposure.

In particular one type of sun exposure the B fraction of ultraviolet light (UVB). The type that is both potentially most harmful but also the form that produces one of our bodies most needed substance, vitamin D3. Have you ever seen any one of those experts or government officials explain?

Explain how reduced sun exposure or use of sunscreen will result in the loss of vitamin D3 production? Or how to make up for the loss of vitamin D3 production? No. No even decades later. Because to them vitamin D3 is only important to prevent rickets (the childhood bone disease) in their opinion. 

As to prevent rickets it only takes what I consider to be extremely low doses and blood levels of vitamin D3. So, I am sure they either figured for that disease we would receive more than enough through our diet and that sun avoidance or sunscreen use would not affect vitamin D3 blood levels enough.

That with their recommendations our dosing and blood levels would not be so low as to be clinically significant in preventing rickets. Which appears to be true but at these levels it doesn’t address much else. So the question is did they even seriously consider the side effects of their recommendations?

The most likely answer is they didn’t consider sunscreen and sun avoidance effect on vitamin D3 blood levels at all. On top of that these same experts frequently don’t even differentiate the difference between vitamin D3 versus D2 in human dosing or its effects. 

You might be thinking that these experts came out with new recommendations increasing the amount of supplementation of vitamin D3 in foods after the sun avoidance guidelines came out. Adjusted the required amount of vitamin D (remember they don’t differentiate vitamin D3 from D2) contained in certain products like dairy foods.

Or increase the recommended daily allowance of supplemental vitamin D3 after these recommendations of sunscreen and sun avoidance. You would be wrong in every case. Clearly showing the experts lack of understanding of how important vitamin D is D3. 

Of note a significant number of people in US and worldwide are lactose intolerant. Like 65% of world population. 3 So where exactly are they to receive their vitamin D3 if they avoid the sun, use sunscreen and don’t consume dairy products? 

Now dairy products are not the only food supplemented with vitamin D. Often orange juice, breakfast cereals and milk substitutes are, but it is voluntary and not all are fortified with vitamin D3 or vitamin D2 for that matter. 4 

Which for starters is an inefficient way to supplement such an important substance. Further supporting my premise, the “experts” have an extremely poor understanding of how important it is. How poor is their and so many other supposed experts understanding of how the body truly functions? I would argue extremely poor. 

Take the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA0 the old food pyramid they use to use and new the food plate now use. It is as if they list foods that if they were in their idea state would be nutritious. However, most of the foods available to us are not in that ideal state. 

Do they believe it is ok because they once were? So is it hey haven’t bothered to really understand the current state of these supposed nutritious foods or they do and just going alone with the status quo? I believe it is too much momentum in the direction of the current health system.

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