As I was discussing in the past blog about our immune system. The immune system by accurately defining self-antigens from what is foreign so that our immune system doesn’t inadvertently precipitate an autoimmune disease. 

Like in the case of type I diabetes. Autoimmune diseases happen more frequently when our immune system mistakes self-our antigens for foreign ones. Antigens are the protein markers found on cells, bacteria and viruses to name a few and is how the immune system differentiates normal from foreign. 

It does this by the creation of antibodies which the immune system uses to eliminate pathogens. The human body uses dendritic calls to differentia self from foreign antigens. The mature dendritic cells help identify foreign antigens and what the body needs to attack. 

The immature dendritic cells help identify self and thus what not to attack. These dendritic cells are highly dependent on vitamin D3 to function optimally. If vitamin D3 levels are inadequate the dendritic cells can become “confused”. 

Such that they start creating antibodies that are directed at foreign antigens but end up also effecting normal cells. Thus, in this “blinded” state the immune system cannot differentia the normal antigens in the body from foreign ones. For example, what happens in type I diabetes when beta cells that secrete insulin are destroyed. 

Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis are some of the other what I consider preventable autoimmune diseases. That are not as we are taught do due bad luck but, in many cases, if not all a blinded immune system and something that we can do something about before we develop them. 

Like I explained in my blog in posts on diabetes. Where I explained the scientific literature shows how enough vitamin D3 can prevent type I diabetes from occurring especially if it is caught early enough. As vitamin D3 essence restores the immune systems “sight”. More in next blog post.

Also, the benefits go way beyond only diabetes type I as a more “observant “immune system won’t “overlook” cancer cells mistaking them as normal. Thus, an immune system deficient in vitamin D3 a “blinded” immune system makes you more susceptible to many diseases that are most if not completely preventable. 

This “blindness” can result in our immune system both attacking what it shouldn’t and not attacking what it should. This true at suboptimal but especially so at extremely low levels of vitamin D3. You may think this is a rare condition.

Rare since our foods are supplemented with vitamin D (often the wrong type vitamin D2). I will not rehash the difference here, but unfortunately based on what I consider optimal blood levels of vitamin D3 almost everyone is deficient. No not everyone becomes ill with an autoimmune disease or cancer. 

However, they are at much greater risk of contracting them. Also, I believe the current epidemic of metabolic diseases are due to sub optimal vitamin D3 levels. Inadequate vitamin D3 isn’t the sole cause of all our health issues but is as I say like a broken record the main source of it and your best hope stop prevent illness.

Our health is deteriorating, and I believe it is a cumulative effect. If you haven’t read my previous blog postings, I recommend you do. Again, what I am attempting to explain in the following posts is how our physical and mental health is under assault, has been for decades and it is in many ways getting worse.

How we are becoming more and more dependent on supplements, minerals and pharmaceuticals to survive. A survival that as we age is more and more dependent on pharmaceuticals. Fortunately, we are a rich nation, the U.S., but as our “culture” has spread out like it did to the Inuit we see the devastating effects. 

Devastating effects to the Inuit as I have written about in my book. What about as our “Western culture” in our diet becomes more and more accepted in other countries? As it has with devastating effects. It appears business wants this. 

*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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