Joaquin valley also has some of the worst air pollution in the US. 1 How much more heavy metals are or were precipitated into that soil? Well you might believe like other minerals over time this level of cadmium would be depleted. As plants are grown, they take up the cadmium and reduce the concentration. 

Well it just so happens that these fields are irrigated by shallow artesian wells. 2 Based on a California agriculture article the irrigation water does add cadmium as does multiple other sources like air pollution. 3 

Then among the other sources like I mentioned above air pollution and the long term use of phosphorus fertilizers will increase soil cadmium levels. This not just in California but everywhere air pollution and/or these fertilizers are used. 

Information specific to the San Joaquin valley I found difficult to locate by county. Not sure how much if any cadmium the Monterey deposit covers or adds to the soil in the San Joaquin valley, but I bet it does. However, if it does it must be a concern as to what is produced there and how in comes into our food chain.

My blog and eventual book are meant to be an overview. Thus, digging deeper into all the specifics of how this one heavy metal affects our food and especially from this area is beyond its scope. As there may be other areas in the US or the world for that matter where cadmium concentrations are high.

Now other then the Japanese case I referenced before I know of no case of cadmium poisoning to humans from eating agricultural products. Also, I am not saying that even at that level of cadmium in the San Joaquin Valley is dangerous. 

As its toxic value is based on the concentration in kidneys. Not an easy test to administer. My concern is that if even any cadmium builds up in our system how much is required till it has perhaps not a overt toxic affect but tips our physical or mental health to illness. 

Especially alone or in combination with other factors. As our deteriorating health is often a combination of things. Because of that it makes it difficult to finesse out anyone sole bad actor. Certainly, much more study is needed to do so.

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