Also, as I have and will stress you need to educate yourself about preventative medicine otherwise you will be deceived, and your health will suffer. Or you will be like one person who claimed to read my book but who was then scared to death by their general doctor about vitamin D3 toxicity.  

I believe if they would have really ingested what I wrote in my book they would have understood that their doctor was ignorant and protecting his turf. They would not have let their medical doctor run them over and intimidate them.

A doctor who clearly had a total lack of understanding about the what are real maximum blood levels to be concerned about. That is why I have hesitated to put what I believe is the optimal dose of vitamin D3 dose here.

 My concern is if one solely reads that dose and starts taking it they may attribute any issue they have to taking the higher dose. Why because they have not educated themselves and so do not know what to expect. Ignorance is expensive. So please educate yourself by spending time understanding vitamin D3 for starters. 

I believe your life will be significantly improved. As the illness we all seem to be or soon will suffer from the so called “metabolic syndrome” is prevent by a substance lacking in almost all and that modulates our metabolism-VITAMIN D3. 

So, I will start with the answer vitamin D3 at optimal doses. Yes much else is needed especially iif your already ill but in my opinion this is the starting point. I am redundant but it has become clearer to me vitamin D3 is the key to prevent this illness and to recovering if you are already ill. 

It is said by some the Roman empire fell because they started using lead in their pottery glazes. Then over time this lead apparently leached into their foods. Which then built up in their systems. This build up leading to brain development issues in children and lower IQ’s for one.

 As was clear from the recent water issues in flint, Michigan human lead consumption is still an issue. 1 Could we be doing something similar and going the way of the Romans. As they say we are what we eat! Also, when in Rome do as the Romans do! Except we aren’t in Rome. 

Eat but also drink as in Flint’s case and possibly elsewhere with caution. Shouldn we be more careful in what we eat and drink? Sure, but so much of that at least currently is out of our control. As no matter how careful we are the environment contains levels of lead but also other heavy metal like arsenic and cadmium. 

Though almost never mentioned in my experience cadmium is a potential heavy metal of concern. As it is taken up by many foods we eat like leafy vegetables and grains like wheat and barley. Also accumulates in animals that eat grains like cattle and sheep. 

Also, in animals that eat insects like worms who feed on organic matter and thus concentrate cadmium. Those worms living in the dirt that is high in cadmium and concentrate it by consuming lots of vegetable matter. 

Thus, birds and fish that feed on them may have higher cadmium levels. Thus, by eating these fish, birds and other animals that eat a lot of insects like worms you too are exposed to higher levels. Yes, everything we eat has risks and not to make you to paranoid.

But there are risks that are not frequently discussed. That what makes doing research so interesting as you never know what you’ll come across. As I was looking up lead issues when I came across the effect of cadmium. So, before I pursue what I learned about cadmium, lead and mercury let me ask a question. See next blog post. 

  1. (2019). Flint water crisis fast facts. 

*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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