Hopefully I made my point that we have a serious health issue.  The great news is we can implement immediate and long term fixes that will restore your health. More on specific solutions later. Yes we can fix it, but we need to rethink the previous dogma and come to a new realistic approach to our health.

Wrestling control from those who profit and want us “addicted” to the current system. Thank god for some aspects of the current system but it should be a safety net not the major source of our healthcare. Not so pervasive in our lives. 

We need to take our health into our own hands and slowly transition our nutrition and health back into our control. So hopefully in this introduction to point is pointing out what is missing, what shouldn’t be there and where we need to start focusing our attention to correct the situation. 

Pointing out the myths we are living in. This huge lie we are experiencing and living in. Perhaps your life is complex and perhaps appears overwhelming. However, if we work to restore our physical and mental health it will result in us being a the best we can be.

That is well-rested, appropriately feed with an optimally active immune system results in an amazing human being, you. The one that can handle this current complex crazy world. Start seeing through the falsehoods.

First let me state this. I am not a farmer, rancher or veterinarian. I am not a microbiologist or expert on genetically modified foods. I do however have both a chemical engineering and a medical degree. I am if I say so myself extremely proficient in chemistry and medicine in general. But I don’t pretend to know everything. 

Chemistry for one was a subject that was extremely easy for me. Not sure why but my brain works that way, but I believe these skills allow me to think differently about things and giving me a different perspective hopefully to make our condition better. 

Using these skills, I try to look at things in a critical and honest manner.  Applying them to our general health which is difficult for the average person to do as so much information out. Information that is often contradictory. Then the expert’s compound this by only seeing part of the problem. 

Even those who are knowledgeable are often biased by some product they are selling. So, who do you trust? I can’t help you there as first no matter what I say it could be wrong unknow to me. Second, this is because I depend on others research to be accurate which it may not. 

Finally, even if I am telling what I believe to be the truth my analysis may be wrong. All that said, misleading you is not my intention and hopefully you can come to trust me.  That said I am not perfect. As I have written before while in medical school an older professor explained this to me as “half of what we are teaching you is false. We just don’t know which half”. 

I am probably doing the same but if you can tolerate that, as in reality the best I can possible achieve, then please follow along. The problem is some use this uncertainty against us. As I do believe there are those out there who are intentionally trying to miss lead us. 

As that is the case, I will try to avoid being tripped up by those who deceive. First let’s change things up. I will first give the answer to what I believe is the key component to your health which as you might suspect is vitamin D3 at optimal blood levels. 

I have taken and recommended the doses which I found to work best for me and those I had treated as I explained in my book. There are other important vitamins, mineral and supplements which I have blogged about before. 

I am researching and experimenting on myself with a few other supplements first to assure I gave a full accounting. I am close to doing so. It is amazing how many important supplements exist. From all parts of the world. 

If impatient I recommend you read my book as most importantly to me explains how I came to the dose I did and why. Many may want to just skip to the dose and move on. I highly recommend you don’t though vitamin D3 is extremely safe you may just be the person that doesn’t hold.


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