We are becoming more and more dependent on pharmaceutical, surgery and insurance companies and their products just to survive. Where they use our ignorance and more importantly our fear to manipulate us. 

A system initiated by the family my distant uncles’ children married into, the Rockefellers. The Book the Social transformation of American medicine by David Starr explains this in detail and is well written. How the elite medical system we have today was started by eliminating competition.

What I have research so far has brought me to the place where I believe it is critical, critical that we all educate ourselves about what is needed to maintain our bodies and minds. As our general mental and physical health is deteriorating. As one only must look around at the gradual insidious changes. 

Ever wonder where the idea for zombie movies came from? Well, I truly believe art mirrors life. The artist sees what is happening to us but distorts it for entertainment and shock value. That doesn’t change that is zombifying us. Besides food issues and such, there is then all the social changes.

Changes like information overload which are currently happening so fast. This is surely contributing to our current epidemic of mental health issues. That makes it a sever challenge to find the correct and best information.

I often quote what I call the Consumers report mentality. That is where you are sure you could have bought a better quality say washing machine and avoided second or third best if you only had more information. So, your left constantly second guessing yourself. 

Don’t as you need to free up brain space. As general Patton once is quoted as saying, A good plan today is better than a great one tomorrow. What I am trying to convey is you need to arm yourself with at least good knowledge to maintain your sanity and physical health. If your reading this you are.  

There is not time to go ito every aspect of what’s wrong I am trying to cover what I see as the main issues with what we out in our mouths to nourish it. So, as I have written before there are other factors involved. 

Factors I believe we can correct. Issues in many cases that can be reversed. Like mental health issues that are leading to rampant legal and illegal drug use to medicate or self-medicate typically in a mediocre attempt to “treat” the symptoms but not the cause. 

Using drugs to treat themselves either through a professional healthcare provider or by self-medicating. Mental health issues that I believe could be much reduced or prevented by natural means. Diseases caused by altered gut flora for one.

As they are constantly coming out with new treatments and alterations to our food. Who knows the effects of them to be fair on us and our children, if any? I believe there is or I wouyldn’t be wasting my time writing this and researching it.

Then as I keep harping back to the key deficiency is that of vitamin D3 and to a lesser degree several others. As for one vitamin D3 deficiency results in lack of deep restorative sleep (DRS) which is a major contributor to mental and physical diseases. Like I have written before vitamin D3 and magnesium supplementation helps restore DRS. 

Also, the combination of omega 3’s and vitamin D3 I found when recommended it to my patients when I practiced medicine, resulted in thousands of patients resolving many if not most of their depressive symptoms. Symptoms resulting for one from lack of DRS due to chronic pain.

As this combination was better at controlling depressive symptoms and restoring DRS then were any pharmaceuticals or combination of them. At a fraction of the cost. With minimal negative side effects and more naturally. Also, with other positive effects the pharmaceuticals didn’t have.

Animal sourced omega 3’s I believe work best and there are ones that don’t result in a foul taste in one’s mouth. Yes, this may be an issue for those who are vegan or vegetarians. There are plant sources for omega 3’s. So, either way an example of the power of natural substances. So, I have perhaps wandered all over the “place”.

*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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