My aunt was the first one to awaken me, ok she verbally attacked me, about my deficient medical school education concerning nutrition. This occurred in the mid 1980’s while I was visiting my grandfather and while I was in medical school. She and her family chose the life of farmers. 

Farmers on a toxic Ohio farm. A farm that happened to be downstream, it was by the way a beautiful stream, from a superfund pollution site. That sites pollution carried by that stream probably caused the breast cancer both my aunt and her daughters later died from. 

At the time I was clueless. So, I must give her credit as she was the first person to point out to me how ignorant I was and scant was my medical school education about nutrition. She was correct. As when I went to medical school in the mid to late 1980’s they really gave almost zero attention to nutrition?

When she first pointed this out it really angered me as how could I, a top student in medical school, be ignorant of any health issue? The incident however stuck with me after I had time to digested it. As I have always strived to know the truth no matter how uncomfortable. In this case it was uncomfortable.

Though I wasn’t totally ignorant as my mom had been so interested in vitamins, mineral and supplements in general. Which she shared with me and my brothers. This put we way ahead of my colleagues who often didn’t have the same experience. 

So, despite the well know adage we are what we eat it appears those in my academia world and in charge of my education didn’t appreciate that. Probably still don’t as it isn’t billable at a high enough rate.  

It was also around this same time I realized. Probably even before I entered medical school. Realize despite almost daily advances in medical science. Advances as shown on the national nightly news, that the general population was becoming sicker. We were also eating more.

Eating larger portions of both more caloric foods and beverages. Businesses recognized this and responded with increased meal and drink sizes. Though at the time it appeared unconnected the experts in USA were pushing sun avoidance and sunscreen. 

I could see something was happening but at the time I could not get my head around it. As I couldn’t figure it out, I stored it away hoping to figure it out later. I thought I would find the answer in medical school. I did not. It was only years later only after I became close to dying that I did. Better understanding the truth. 

We are all selfish creatures and it appears as in my case illness has to affect us before we truly look for the solution. Of note until you, a friend or family member becomes seriously ill do you truly realize the limitations of the current medical system. That is a different book. 

It wasn’t until my first encounter with serious illness as an adult that I understood this. Thus, it took 22 years after I graduated from medical school before I started to understand this. That I found at least part of the answer as to why so many of us were becoming ill despite all the advances in science. 

Which is why I am now researching and sharing my findings with you as best I understand it. Research initially on vitamin D3 but expanding to other vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Now expanding further to our food and water. 

Those things that appear to be behind why our health is deteriorating despite a “world class” medical system. But reflecting back, truth be told at that point all those years ago when my aunt confronted me she probably knew more about how to find the solution. Then I did until recently.

Certainly, more about nutrition then I did at the time. A lot has changed since then. Unfortunately, our foods have and are continuing to be so altered that they are making us even more ill. Causing illnesses such that our leaders are instead of finding a cure or solution are profiting by continuing the status quo and only treating the symptoms.

*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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