Continuing, from last blog post after having lobbied in Washington several times, I am not sure how anything good could come out of there. As congress seems disengaged other then what results in their self-interest. Why is this important to your health?

Because they write the laws that direct the federal agencies Laws for one that are supposed to assure our food is healthy. Then because of our lawmakers disinterest the governmental industry takes advantage of this power vacuum. 

Industry then using this disconnect between elected officials and what goes into our laws to their advantage. By often having a large influence how new laws are written. Often to our, the people’s detriment. Take the issue of the toxic ingredients in sunscreens.

A subject that I have blogged about before. The experts like dermatologist advocating for the use of sunscreen and sun avoidance.  With no apparent regard for the potentially toxic substances in them. In my view more importantly this expert advice resulting in deficient blood levels of vitamin D3. 

Nowhere are these same experts weighing in on how to make up for the deficiency of vitamin D3 their advice results in. Then medical groups and these government agencies using antiquated information in setting what are artificially low blood levels of vitamin D3. 

Artificially low blood levels in determining minimal required and minimally toxic levels. Our experts, particularly at the FDA, are either out to lunch or perhaps chasing their big pharma checks. 1 Yes, I am being perhaps duplicitous as I too have taken big pharma’s money. 

I however have not, like many experts working for FDA, received, a large check from the same company whose drug I just voted to approve. Large check, according to the above referenced article, often written to FDA experts after they voted for approval of a new drug. 

In these experts’ case like so many things we tend to paint for simplicity their actions as black or white and so often it is neither. I believe you can use the extra money for good, but it all depends on how it influences your judgment. 

So perhaps these FDA experts do vote their conscious and it so happens they profit from doing so. If so, perhaps like most of us they don’t realize they have been brainwashed into this treat symptom mindset. That most illness are because people don’t behave. 

They eat too much, drink, smoke, don’t exercise, don’t sleep enough and so on. But most don’t realize there is a biological cause for this bad behavior. They are also trained both in school and throughout their live that illness inevitable and the best we can do is treat the symptoms until a cure comes about. 

Cures lets look at that. So, after perhaps trillions spent on research seen any cures. Ok Hepatitis C in some cases. Seen the price tag for that treatment? I believe it is a myth to keep us supporting the research that we pay for and industries use to get rich off our ill health.

So whether brainwashed, bought or both those who question these experts morality are probably correct in most of the cases. Concerning the question of the morality of receiving bonus money after voting on approval of such drugs. As this money probably does influence them to approve new drugs when if not present, they would not approve it.

There will always be those trying to buy influence and not all FDA experts who work for the same companies or similar ones they are asked to oversee drug approval are corrupted. The problem is it may only take a few corrupt ones to sway the outcome.

Outcome of approving potentially dangerous new drugs, additives in commonly use things like sunscreen or undue influence. Influence such as preventing investigations into health issues arising from such drugs or substances. 

I know I am naïve and perhaps duplicitous when I both complain about the failing of the US government in protecting us and expect them to do better. As solutions are not always clear nor are any of us perfect. 

However, when those whose job is to protect our health are given such great authority, we should expect and demand more.

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