We can no longer go on ignoring our health like we did before. We for one need to realize all we are missing out on by wasting so much of this money on insurance and preventable health issues. The first steps are frankly easy as I explained in my first book.

These are the next steps. Imagine what we could do with this money we save, better health and more time (from less work to pay for this). Less food production demand, a better environment and less waste. 

The above organizations that are supposedly there to help They are both however ignoring the importance of optimal dosing and blood levels of vitamin D3 and letting our foods be poisoned. Yes, self-promoting on my part but I wasn’t the one who discovered vitamin D3 or its benefits. 

I just did some simple trial and error and found what so far appears to be the most healthful doses and levels. Yes, much more exacting scientific research needs to be done. These deficits of vitamin D3 and our food issues are poisoning us.

These oversites are to the apparent benefit of increased profits for much of the healthcare industry. Don’t misread me I am very much for both employing people and growing companies. Especially when both are profiting from making the world a better place. 

What I don’t support is either employees or companies cutting corners, using substances that cause illness, not assuring are foods have the needed nutrients, or using substances that sicken us for profit. See this has an added benefit that our environment prospers. 

Unfortunately, the short term profit at all costs at the detriment to quality and our health seems to be going on at an unprecedented rate.  All the while those set up and given the responsibility to protect us are so frequently misleading us or ignoring the truth. So, we have to start the change.

I recently watch a documentary called What The health. It brought to my attention how the American Diabetes Association, American heart Association and American Cancer Association all appear to have been corrupted. 

Their major supporters either being the pharmaceutical industry of food produces some of whose products appear to increase the disease rate of that the organizations goal is to reduce and cure. We appear to be out of legitimate supporters my friends. 

Moving on, the bigger picture is that there may be and probably are organic causes for the recent increases in mental health issues. Organic in for one what is and isn’t in our foods. Many of the missing substances are not profitable to add to the soil. 

Second substances added to our foods intentionally, inadvertently and the genetic modification of them.  Perhaps for most if not all of the major agriculture companies overseeing our long term health is not a priority of theirs. I get it they are into growing as much as possible at lowest cost.  

It should be the concer of the government agencies I mentioned above as well as many others. As I both find it is often difficult to determine where one agency ends its responsibility, and another begins as well as how to determine who’s responsible for what. 

I realize government bureaucrats are typically have low initiative due to the system and again why we need to be vocal to make sure they pay attention. I am not for endless rules and laws that are only enforced if they come after you. 

But reasonable rules and laws are needed and not those solely proposed by industry. Yes, they need to be involved as they know their industry better than any. However, they can’t be the only ones doing so as it appears now is the case.

As it appears our elected officials like congress are more and more abdicating their responsibility to the bureaucrats. I guess it is easier to be wined and dined than to govern. For example, congress passing laws they have not even read. 


*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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