Based on my title of this blog series it is a lot to cover and it is. I am going to eventually convert these blog posts. Convert them that is to both a new book about how our unhealthy “healthy” food, food in general and other myths are deteriorating our physical and mental health. 

Also use these blog posts to update my first book The Optimal Dose: Restore Your Health with The Power of Vitamin D3 in a second edition. The second book and future blog posts will cover how deterioration in our mental and physical health is caused by myths.

Myths that are more prevalent then you might suspect. Myths that sound so crazy that until you stop and examine my evidence you will have trouble believing you were so “blind” before. Myths that we have come accept. Myths that have allowed our health to in a slow and progressive way to deteriorate.

The whole time we were so distracted by other distractions that we assumed it was natural, part of aging or in many cases didn’t notice. Such that our physical and mental health became more and more dependent on pharmaceuticals and surgery to survive. 

Then those who are in control of the medical industrial complex blame us for being ill because we don’t eat right, exercise or sleep enough. Which we gave zero resistance to believing.  How we have bought into a health mindset that blames us for being ill. In this current I will blog series I will lay out my theory.

Then in future series of blog post I hope to expose what is wrong and how to fix it. I am not an expert in all the fields or for that matter in most I will write about but that is why this issue needs to be exposed so we can work together to solve it. 

It being ill we can and must use legitimate preventative solutions. We still need the old system as it has benefits but delete those parts that are wrong. Those parts whose only value is to increase the income of those who created it. Only treat symptoms of diseases that can and should have been prevented. 

Or those in the current medical system use them the currently ill people until they are no longer ill or there are no more suffering from diseases either because a cure has been found and there is no one suffering from those diseases. 

That all those who would have had those symptoms and disease have been prevented from acquiring those diseases. A cure not in one pill but a change in how you tret your body. A fairly straight forward way. Information is power. I want to empower you! 

Perhaps the elimination of all current metabolic diseases can not be prevented as there are those with genetic defects that prevent their bodies from properly using vitamins, minerals and supplements. However, with a healthier population the funds saved can be used to find cures for those outliers due to genetic defects for instance.

We are as I see it at a turning point in our history as humans. We must reclaim our bodies to maintain our freedom. We must do so by feeding our bodies those substances that will restore our physical and mental health. Yes, that sounds paranoid and grandiose but if our health is not compromised it will be so much easier to do. 

My goal is to advocate for those things I can control to help myself and others prevent their health from becoming so compromised that they can no longer use their mind to help keep all of us free. As only together can we prevent our health and then freedom from being lost.

Even if you don’t believe there is a conspiracy, as I explain latter it all may be a coincidence, I believe you will benefit from reading about what I find. So yes, there are other factors. We have polluted our environment and thus our bodies since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

However, because of this revolution’s effects on science, agriculture and medicine we have been and continue to be progressively altering and harming our bodies to a degree like never seen before. Often for example depriving our bodies of key nutrients because of what is and is not in our foods.

Also, by polluting our bodies because of what is intentionally and unintentionally in our foods. This is causing us and our children to be both more physically and mentally ill. Then the medical community’s response. Which has been brainwashed to believe in simple solutions.

Simple explanations like the cause cannot easily be understand. To treat it requires experts who can only treat these conditions with a medication, therapy or surgery. That your sick and it is your fault. If you’re not sick it is because your doing all the right things they augment.


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