Vitamins are we must take the time to understand the subtleties’ vitamin D3. 

However, when it comes to treating “real” diseases that is where we need powerful drugs like pharmaceuticals. Or, so we think. It appears to me are again biased. Biased in that we have lost faith in our bodies ability to maintain our health and bias that we need man made “drugs” to control illness. 

Not prevent or cure illness. We seem to have given up on that. We cannot. As it is out there. It takes more work to get there. If we work on it, we can return to a time when being healthy was the norm. Not looking at what diseases our parents suffer and believe we will inevitably suffer the same fate.  

We have learned to settle for a new status quo. Surviving. Not thriving. Little do we remember how much of an improvement has for example clean running water and adequate sanitation had on our current health and elimination of diseases. 

In inhabit an amazing machine the human body. We have forgotten how amazing it is and underestimate its ability to keep us healthy. Healthy if we feed it properly. Our foods are depleted of critical nutrients, full of chemical and genetic alterations.

Unfortunately, if don’t work together we won’t regain our health. We can do it. Starting with vitamin D3.  The problem with vitamin D3 is we have only scratched the surface as to how important it is to maintain our health and preventing illness. Most people are ignorant of how important it is to be healthy.

The thought a vitamin, a fat soluble vitamin and for that matter one that isn’t even a vitamin (vitamin D3 is a hormone) could actually be the solution when the most advanced pharmaceuticals have failed in preventing the flu much less Covid-19 is enanthem to most medical doctors. 

We have been sold snake oil so many times we are afraid to believe this might actually do what it promises. The reality is that for the most part it does. Again it is not simple. Some people have genetic defects to their vitamin D receptor or the machinery to activate vitamin D3 in the cells,

This resulting in many illnesses and requiring higher doses as well as other co factors to achieve optimal effects. This is not a failure on vitamin D3’s part but of the pro’s and cons of having the varied genetic makeup we have today.  So, what does this have to do with Covid-19?

Extracting information from on an excellent letter sent to the editors of the British Journal of Medicine concerning the high death rates from it in Northern Italy 75% of the population there has a blood level of vitamin D3 of less than 12 ng/ml. 1 

That is considered moderate to severely deficient even by the antiquated standards of the Federal Drug Administration. 2 For reference I recommended my patients maintain their calcifediol (25 (OH) vitamin D3) blood levels at 100-140 ng/ml. 

Calcifediol is the blood storage form and the form that is most used to determine if one is deficient or not.

As I have written in my book and on this blog, I did not have a single patient contract the “flu” while maintaining these blood levels of vitamin D3. This was treating thousands of patients since 2010. I no longer treat them, but I found that result unexpected and amazing.

When one uses the term “flu” they are not only referring to influenza where we take the term flu from. As strains of influenza cause only 15% of the illnesses that give us “flu” symptoms. 3 Flu like symptoms are caused by up to 200 other viruses. 4 Of these hundreds of viruses that cause flu symptoms- two strains are coronaviruses. 5 Now of course not Covid-19. 

The corona virus that like Covid-19 that can cause acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) attacks human respiratory cells through the angiotensin converting enzyme type two (ACE-II) receptor. 6,7 Vitamin D has a profound effect on the renin angiotensin system. 

Vitamin D in particular vitamin D3. There is vitamin D2 which also interacts with this receptor but as I have written in an earlier blog post and in my book, vitamin D3 is from and for mammals. Well, vitamin D3 modulates this system. 

What that means is it prevents the renin angiotensin system from becoming out of control. Thus, preventing patients with respiratory tract infections like influenza and corona viral infections from developing excess inflammation and ARDS. 

ARDS often requires intubation and ventilatory support to assure they receive adequate oxygen through their lungs. Even with these heroic measures it can and often is fatal as well as in best scenario of those surviving resulting in permanent lung damage. Vitamin D3 helps in other ways.

 Well adequate and I argue optimal blood levels assure people produce adequate defensins. Defensins are proteins that attack encapsulated viruses like Covid-19. 8 These defensins actually destroy these viruses. It is highly effect. 

Without adequate and I argue ideally optimal blood levels of vitamin D3 the body the body cannot produce enough. Remember the body uses vitamin D3 so it has to be constantly replenished.

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*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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