Regardless of the cause, metabolic or genetic mutations, the key point is that cancer cells are fueled by glucose and don’t appear to use the aerobic (Oxygen) system. Because of this, vitamin D3 can affect cancer in two or more ways. One is by cutting off the glucose, and the anaerobic system to these cells will starve them to death. That may explain the numerous examples of those doctors who have successfully treated people’s cancer by altering the patient’s diet or those patients who have done so on their own. By altering their diets, they were “cured” of cancer. Guess what, with low blood levels of vitamin D3 you are constantly craving calorie-rich foods like those soaked in sugar, cancer’s ideal fuel source. With optimal blood levels this craving goes away.

Then, if as it appears, genetic mutations are typically found in all or almost all cancer cells which our immune system should pick up and eliminate. Then we also know typically more than one mutation is necessary in our DNA for carcinogenesis and usually a series of several mutations to certain classes of genes is typically required to transform a cell into a cancer cell.1 So why doesn’t our immune system detect these several mutations causing cancerous cells and destroy them? I argue it is because for many, the blood level of vitamin D3 is too low. One study, for instance, shows the lower the vitamin D3 blood level, the worse the breast cancer.2,3 Typically, the worse the cancer, the more the number of genetic mutations which lower vitamin D3 levels would allow because of a weaker immune system.

Though an important question-does the genetic mutation occur first or does the mitochondria genetic material mutate first? First, we don’t know, and second, does it matter? What is critical is that we have two ways here to prevent or treat cancer. Yet for some reason, I argue, due to sub optimal vitamin D3 blood levels, our bodies are not doing so.

This shows that vitamin D3 at optimal dosing helps our health in many ways, but two ways to fight cancer are to supercharge the immune system and improve sleep quality. The immune system is key in monitoring for abnormal cells and eliminating them. If the immune system is not optimal then there is a greater chance these abnormal, cancer cells will escape detection and result in spreading.

Thus, whether it is metabolic or genetic, vitamin D3 will work to modify your body to be in the best condition to prevent and fight cancer. Also, by improving sleep quality it maximizes the body’s ability to fight off disease and improve one’s mental mood. Maintaining optimal health requires physical and mental aspects at best. I heard over my career that most cancers occur after a severe emotional stressor. Like the surviving spouse of a 60-year marriage often succumbs in a short time after his or her spouse dies, which is a severe emotional event. Thus, at optimal doses and blood levels one’s physical condition is maximized which will improve one’s mental condition which makes one in the best condition to prevent cancer or help those with it.

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*The information posted above is for educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before initiating any changes in your medical treatment. If you do not, then The Two-Minute Health Fact, Dr. Judson Somerville, nor The Optimal Dose is responsible!


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