Unsettling, eye-opening, and perhaps even life-changing

Not sure where to begin with this book. I love a good health read. And a controversial one tends to peak my interest. This book will no doubt be labeled as controversial by many. There are many people who are defiantly against taking high doses of vitamin d3, which this book proudly supports. That said, the author backs up what he says. Starting with a compelling story of his own journey. The author's tale of healing is astounding. The pain that this man has been through, especially the terrible story about the brown recluse bite is horrifying. The author goes into detail about what seems to be a 15 year or so long journey of recovery, ending with - you guessed it- vitamin d3 as the super hero. The author's journey isn't solely about him. It's also about his patients (he is a doctor). And he goes on to detail stories about their own healing journeys as well. But this book is more than just about stories from him and his patients. There are a lot of studies he cites and he goes into detail about how vitamin d3 treats specific illnesses, such as respiratory, obesity, sleep disorders and more. Some of the stories of results, particularly the obesity ones, from taking vitamin d3 are really amazing. Patients losing hundreds of pounds from just taking the vitamin. Yes, it doesn't sound true, but the author does provide explanations for why this weight loss happens when taking vitamin d. Since reading this, I've been working on upping my vitamin d3 intake, and have noticed some mild results thus far. More and more I've been suffering from chronic congestion, and to my delight it's gotten slightly better the past week as I've been getting more d3. It's probably too early to point to this as the sole reason. But I'm optimistic. I'll return to this review with more of my results after testing this out for a series of weeks/months. Either way, this is a great book, definitely in the top 5 out of the 30 or so books I've read this year. Highly recommend this one as it is incredibly eye-opening and just may change the way you think about healing, and may even change your life.