This Good Doctor’s Personal Story of Triumph Over Tragedy is Reason Enough to Get This Book!

Wow...So much to say. Dr. Somerville's writing is so clear, it's like he is sitting with you telling you a story. He patiently goes through every factor that contributes to Vitamin D deficiency. He explains why current recommended doses are miscalculated. His work is well documented and sited. Two years ago, I was shocked when my blood test indicated a severe D deficiency. I did my own limited research and contemplation and came to the realization that our culture--due to our damaging the ozone layer of atmosphere--is avoiding sunlight, our primary source of Vitamin D. And when we lack Vitamin D, it affects every organ, action and function. Dr. Somerville goes into the detail! My dosage increase was slow and took nearly two years to come back to normal. As it did, my mind became sharper and my immune system strengthened. My hair stopped falling out and my nails grew strong again. I want to hear more how he overcomes his unique story of so much misfortune which he has turned into blessings of beautiful service to patients...and, now, to the world. I look forward to his future books. Meanwhile, I have upped my dose of Vitamin D3 and I'm feeling some immediate boosts in energy, calm, and clarity. Read this book...meditate on to your professionals...and trust your wisdom to discover your optimal dose of D.