Learn all about the benefits of Amazing and Powerful Vitamin D3

Winter Is Coming . . ., no wait, it's already here. According to the doctor, it's perpetually here. But that doesn't have to be the case. The Optimal Dose will astound you with practical, experience based, factual scientific information. And not in a teacher-student way. Dr. Somerville is knowledgeable about his subject and delivers his message with obvious care and passion. There are clear explanations of what he calls "winter syndrome", and how we in our day and times, are all suffering from it. We are all suffering from Vitamin D3 deficiency. You come to understand why and the awful consequences of Vitamin D3 deficiency. But you are also given the science and the path to Optimal levels of Vitamin D3 and its benefits. The style of this book is science meets everyday guy. It is so honest, as Dr. Somerville tells not only his patients' stories but, his own story as well. You get lots of researched information and lots of real people stories. He and his patients all regained better health after a long stretch of ill health and poor quality of life. Each chapter is closed with a useful review. There is the testimony of his life; testimonials from patients, and lots of aha! moments in this book. I'm a believer and I highly recommend this book to you.