Common Sense, simple, easy to read book, full of information, reviews at end of each chapter.

The D3, three key body systems;, Immune, Brain, Skin, includes decreased absorbtion of D3, we have been programmed to avoid the “Sun" live in air conditioning to avoid skin cancer! Glean the How and Why D3, actually a hormone, was misclassified decades ago, overlooked, and grossly misunderstood. Examples of Medical Research is discussed, important the correlation of his Medical Research. Increasingly, health challenges are making our Society ill. The best and smartest Physicans’ education does not end by completing Medical School. Is devoted to contributing, discovering effective solutions to improve living a healthy life. This book was authored by one that tested, top ten, in the nation! The love of my life, nearly died two years into our five year relationship. I asked specific questions, his doctors, the mainstream physican about the importance of adding “Supplements" to improve his health, to make healthier choices. The answers, minimized how effective supplements are, a common blanket answer “not enough research" Just simply deflecting statements, that insisted supplements as being futile, to AVOID them. Clearly physicans’ have not studied, researched natural solutions or supplements, they DO keep abreast with pharmacology ($$$$). When one's life and health is faced with derailment by an illness, disease, injury there is an innate desire to survive!! Most people I know want answers to questions! And prefer a natural, healthier choice to try to regain health, and prefer living a happy life. Read the book, Read the book! Easily learn and understood how our amazing body works, the causes for and very interesting, feasible choices and solutions.